5 tips to take amazing photos using phone

In the endless quest after awesome mobile photos, it may be tempting to ditch the camera app that comes along with your phone 😛 for something more advanced and exotic. However, if you recognize what you’re doing, you’ll be able to get some high-quality results from the default camera app on your iPhone or android device—and here’s how.So,today we will few tips to take amazing photos using your iphone or android phone.

Here are 5 tips to take amazing photos using phone.
Try them yourself :

1. Zoom out for context. “I try to include a lot of backgrounds so people have a good idea of the atmosphere of the place,”. Instead of focusing on a single building or object, I include surrounding details which shows what’s unique about a location.


2. Seek out sunsets and sunrises. Photographers swear by the “golden hour,” and indeed, nearly every place looks magical in the early morning or late evening. I tried to take pictures during these moments because “it puts a completely different dimension to the place you are in,” bringing out different shapes and colors that you can only see during those specific times of the day.


3. Skip the filters. I recommend the basic adjustments like contrast, warmth, saturation, and brightness with the aim of making your image real as the scene really look. “Filters don’t seem real to people,”.


4. Turn on HDR. High Dynamic Range(HDR) photos have more detail in both their bright and dark areas. It doesn’t like to edit my photos, says the HDR setting creates shots that are closer a finished product.


5. Give a sense of scale. Everyone loves landscapes photographs, and I have a trick to make them look beautiful. I recommend including an element in the frame for comparison— for example, showing a person next to a building to show its height. “I like to give a sense of how small we are,”.


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