Apple smart speaker ‘HomePod’ will be available from February 9

Apple HomePod

Apple had introduced its new smart speaker ‘HomePod’ to compete with Amazon’s Echo and Google’s home. It will be released on February 9. It has an inbuilt digital assistant serial. It was first introduced in WWDC in June last year. From February 9 it will be made available in select countries’ stores.

Apple reported that on Friday, February 9, the HomePod will reach stores in the US, the UK, and Australia. Also, online sales of this device will begin on January 26.


According to the news of the news, Apple Senior Vice President (global marketing) Philip Sealer said in a statement: “Homepad has come up with an advanced music design with Apple Music Catalog and Latest Serie Intelligence with Advanced Audio Technology, in which beam-forming twitter, A high-exchanger buffers, and automatic special awareness.

He said, ‘Our team has worked to give Siri a deep understanding of music so that you include him from his personal favorite song and the latest songs on the top of the chart. It can only be given the command of any song by saying ‘O Siri’.

These smart speakers will be released in France and Germany in this spring season. Although it will be available in India when it is not available.

Apple’s smart speaker has been priced at $ 349. The first was to be launched in the market in December last year. But later the technology giants said that they will be launched in the early months of 2018.

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