How To Convert MKV to MP4

It often happens that the video does not play when the user tries to play a video on their device, but why does this happen? Does not video play due to any malfunction in the video or media player? So the answer is no. If no video is playing on your device, it means that your media player is not playing the format of that video. In such a way, the best way to play a video on your device is to change its format. MP4 is a format that plays on all media players. At the same time, MKV is a format that you will find in many videos but many media players do not read this format. We are going to tell you about the ways in which you can easily convert the MKV format to MP4.

VLC Player

Image result for VLC PlayerVLC Player is one of the most downloaded media players. To convert VLC, first visit the VideoLAN homepage. Then click on the Media option above. After clicking on the Media option, many options will appear. From these options, you will see the Convert / Save option, click on it.

There will be a pop up after this. Here you will see the Add option, click here and click After that you can import the file from any folder on your device. Then choose the format of your choice. Click on the H.264 + Mp3 (MP4) option for MP4 format. After this, you can select the option where to transfer the file and then click on the Start button. Your video format will be converted to MP4.

Cloud Convert

Image result for Cloud Convert 

If you do not want to use any software to replace the format of the video then you can use the web service. Through Cloud Conversion, you can change your video in MP4 format.

Visit the homepage of a Cloud convert. Upload your file. You can upload videos by clicking on Select File or dragging the file. Go to the format of the video and select MP4 format. You can set the quality here too. Then click the red Start Conversion button. Video conversion will begin. When the video will be converted, a green color button will appear, click on it and download it to your system

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