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improve the gaming and visual experiences of laptops, many changes were made in the processor and screen in the year 2017. Companies are now focusing on keeping users from slimming to lightweight while keeping users in mind. We are going to tell you about the laptops that can be in 2018, Best Choice for you.

Image result for Acer Swift 7:Acer Swift 7: Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas (CES) In 2018, Acer launched the world’s slim laptop Acer AKA Swift 7. The laptop is diluted 8.98 mm. The company claims that the laptop has been designed to look at the features of the eugenics. Users can easily carry this laptop with you anywhere. Swift 7 processor will run on Intel i7. A laptop has a 4G LTE connection. Laptop’s battery will work for 10 hours on full charge once. Talk about storage, Swift 7 has 256 GB of PCLE SSD storage, with two 8 GB LPDDR 3 memory will work. Swift 7 features a 14-inch Full HD IPS 5 display. Swift 7 has the Corning Gorilla Glass NBT Touchscreen and Touchpad.

Image result for Razer Linda:Razer Linda: In CES 2018, Razor launched a touchpad laptop without a touchpad. Razor named his project Linda. The razor’s laptop’s screen is 13.3 inches. The laptop comes without touchpad because it has a dock for the razor phone, which gives the device power. Razor has described his project Linda as a hybrid version of smartphones and laptops. The smartphone has access to laptops with Snapdragon 835 processor and 8 GB RAM. The 5.7-inch display of razor smartphones will be used for the laptop’s touchpad. The smartphone’s screen is used to access the app. The laptop has a 13.3-inch quad HD touchscreen and it has a 53.6wh internal battery, which has a dock smartphone charging. The device has 200 GB of internal storage, as well as 3.5mm audio jack, USB-A and USB-C port for connectivity. The laptop has a backlit keyboard, which can be easily typed in low light. The speaker uses a laptop speaker for the speaker.

Image result for Dell XPS 13:Dell XPS 13: The device looks great in terms of look. The thin and lightweight makes it user-friendly. The laptop has Intel’s Kaby Lake processor, which is available from i3 to i7 generation. The device has a Barber-Layer Infinity Edge display, which provides a great visual experience.

Image result for Asus ZenBook UX310UAAsus ZenBook UX310UA: Like the Dell XPS 13 Laptops If you are looking for low prices then this Asus laptop can be a good option for you. Although in the case of look and battery, Asus is behind Dell, but with the aluminum frame and 7th generation Kaby Lake processor apes, Asus may be a good choice. The device has the option of i3 and i5 variety. In addition, you can choose any of the options from full HD, 1080 pixels, 3,200 x 1,800-pixel, QHD + screen.

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