Lifi being tested as pilot project under it ministry reports

Digital India’s dream cannot be fulfilled until India remains on the bottom in the list of internet and connectivity. Slow Internet Speed has many problems due to poor connectivity. You must know about WiFi, but now you should also know about LIFE.

LiFi is a technology that is hundred times more WiFi in terms of connectivity. Actually, it works with the help of LED bulb. Under this technique, the LED bulb installed in your home will also transmit high-speed data and will not require WiFi or broadband for it.

According to the report, the Indian government is testing this technology so that it can be used. According to a report by ET, recently, the IT Ministry has tested LiF (Light fidelity) as a pilot project. In this, LED bulb and light spectrum are used to transmit data from the speed of 10gbps. Its range of connectivity is more than WiFi. Generally, you can connect a room or an artificial via WiFi, but LiFi’s radius is up to 1 kilometer.

Since there are many problems in connecting fiber by fiber in India everywhere and it will take a lot of time. In such a situation, the Government would like to provide connectivity to the areas through liaison where the connectivity through the fiber is becoming difficult.

Director General of the Education and Researcher Network, Nina Pahuja, told ET, “The biggest use of LiFi can be done in the country’s smart cities in the coming days. Its theme will be an Internet of Things for Modern Cities and it will be connected to LED.

Do not understand this as the ‘Internet’ speed, it is a connectivity speed.

Many times people forget the connectivity speed of the device to understand Internet speed. For example, the WiFi router’s connectivity speed is 100Mbps, which means connecting your smartphone or laptop to the router with 100Mbps speed. Whereas internet speed is the service provider who gives you.

Similarly, understand the 1Gbps speed of Li-Fi as Internet speed, since this router has the speed of connectivity between your device, which will not make much difference to your internet speed.

What is lifi technology

In this technique, Visible Light Communication (VLC) has been used for Internet connectivity through which its connectivity has been recorded at 1Gbps in Speed Lab, which is 100 times more common wifi.

At the end of 2015, this technique was first used outside the testing lab where its connectivity speed 1Gbps was tested. Significantly, most common WiFi routers have a connectivity speed of 100Mbps.


Office and local networking will benefit

If this technology starts, it will be beneficial in local network where all the computers are connected to the local WiFi network. Estonian company CEO Deepak Solanki told an English newspaper: “We are running a pilot project for testing this technique in many industries so that this VLC technology can be used.”

Beneficial for Secure Connection

This technique will also help in creating a secure network because it can not cross its signal wall like the WiFi. For example, if it is installed in a room, its signal will not go out of the room, so its connectivity will be even stronger and secure. This is the reason why data traveled through 224Gbps maximum speed in the lab via LiFi.

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