Now Google’s ‘Clips’ camera available for purchase online

Google launched a camera called the Clips, now it’s available for sale on the Google Store. It’s a special kind of camera that uses artificial intelligence and decides to click on the photo itself.

The price of this small camera has been kept at $ 249 (about 16,000 rupees). Although the delivery of this camera will not be done immediately. 9 to 5 According to Google’s report, despite selecting the fastest delivery option, you will get it until February 27. At present, it has not been made available in India.

Google-Pixel-2These clips set their own resolution according to the on-camera situation and it has a 130-degree wide angle lens. So much of a scene can be covered in a single frame.

Moment IQ has been given in this camera. Which is an onboard and offline machine learning model? Also, this camera has a visual processing unit which clicks on the job pictures itself. For this, the camera recognizes things like correct expressions, light, and framing.

This device was introduced during the company’s flagship pixel 2 launch event in October last year. It has been passed by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week.

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