Samsung’s new smartphone will soon launch, teaser on Amazon India

Samsung can launch its next smartphone soon in India. The South Korean company has started giving a signal about this and has issued teaser for the device coming to the e-commerce site Amazon India. The teaser released by the company is clear that the upcoming Samsung smartphone will be part of the company’s on-series. Explain that the device from the budget ranges from budget to mid-range in the company’s on-series, and in the last few years, many popular phones like Galaxy on Max, Galaxy On Next, became part of this series.


A different teaser page has been created for Samsung’s handsets coming to Amazon India. There are five different pictures in these teasers. Samsung has used the word on the teaser, confirming the device being the online phone of the incoming phone. In addition, the shop.shoot.on tagline has been used. This means that the next on smartphone also has a strong camera. There are also signs of having a Samsung Pay or Samsung Pay Mini support on the phone.


Hopefully, the upcoming Samsung smartphone will have a thin-edge display that will come with 18: 9 aspect ratios. Because the design of the smartphone appearing in Teaser is still not clear. The company also claimed to have a new look and a strong performance in the new device. Samsung has provided information through teasers that the phone will be launched soon. But no information related to the launch event or date has been disclosed.

The release of Teaser on Amazon has also confirmed that the new Samsung device will be made available exclusively on Amazon India. Hopefully, the company will soon disclose the names of the incoming device or give more information about this.

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