you can also play youtube on locked mobile screen

The video streaming app YouTube is in use these days. In the era of the data available at free or affordable rates, everyone is playing with a dash on his mobile screen to watch videos or listen to the audio today. But one particular thing is that if you are listening to a song on YouTube, you have to keep your mobile screen on to listen to it because as soon as the screen is locked YouTube stops. That means if you are watching a YouTube video then you can not use any other mobile feature other than that. But in our news, you are telling a trick that lets you watch or listen to the video on YouTube while using the phone.


For Android phones:

1. For this, first, open your Chrome browser and navigate to

2. Click the three-dot menu button on the top right side of the screen. Now go to the “Request desktop site” option at the bottom of the menu and tap on it to turn it on.

3. Now select the song you want to play. Accept any popup to show YouTube’s notifications

4. After playing songs, leave the Chrome app in the background and now you can use other features. The playback will stop for the first time but you can control the track via the phone’s notification menu.

Like Android phones, iOS users can also use this trick on their phones. For this, the iPhone users will have to download the new mobile browser Dolphin.

For iOS phones:

1. After downloading the browser in your phone, visit Play the song you want to hear and leave the page. You can control playback via the iOS Control Center.

2. You can keep your phone on one side and the song will continue to play automatically. You can control it from the lock screen.In this way, you can play your favourite video on YouTube even after the phone’s screen is off.

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