How To Backup Your Android Phone Complete Guide (2020)

Your Android backup is the most important tool on your android phone you must use to back up your data on android.

With so many things running in the background, you never know when something could go wrong and when you lose all your data.

So, it is very important to have an backup of all the data on your android phone, so that you can easily  restore all your app data whenever you want to.

Backing up android apps and their data especially if you use third party apps are not easy. But fortunately there are several easy ways to backup your android apps and data easily.

Backup Your Android Phone In 2020

In this guide we are going to talk about few easy ways to backup apps data on android

Part 1 : How to back up photos and videos

There are several easy and simple methods by using them you can easily backup all your photos videos and important files

Method 1 : Use Your PC or Mac To Backup Photos Videos And Important Files

To easily backup all your important photos and videos or other files on your pc simply connect your phone with pc with a cable and copy all your important files to pc or you can use an popular sharing app XENDER

Steps to backup with xender

  1.       First of all Download xender from here
  2.       Install it on your android phone and open the app
  3.       Next slide your phone screen from the left bar
  4.       Now you will se e a option “CONNECT TO PC” tap on it
  5.       Now tap on the HOTSPOT  icon showing on your phone screen
  6.       After that open your pc and connect to the hotspot network on pc
  7.       Open your pc browser and on the URL bar type the IP address showing on your phone
  8.       Now one pop up message will appear on your phone
  9.       Click on accept
  10.   Now you can easily transfer your files from phone to pc

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Method 2 : Use setting on your phone to backup your photos

Steps to follow

Go to setting>>account select google account>>check on everything you want to sync. Make sure under settings>backup & sync this is enabled as well

Part 2 : How to backup android apps

One of the most reliable backup apps available in the android market is EASY BACKUP AND RESTORE . Using this app you can easily backup the app and data on your device .

The following is a step by step guide


  • Download easy backup and restore from here
  •  First of all launch the app and you will be asking to create a backup
  • Tap on yes and select what you want to backup from the options
  • Now select a location for backup by tapping on it
  •  If your phone is not rooted you can only backup apps but only as apks
  • Note you may need to permission to backup your app data
  • Now successfully you have backup all your important data and files

Okay,there are some easy ways to backup your data .if you have any question regarding this guide you can ask on the  comment box

Hopefully this article helped you ,we are coming with more interesting articles.

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