10 Best Furry Discord Servers List With Link

Discord Furry Servers are the best place to be. Furry servers are a diverse community of people from different professions and cultures. In a server, you will find artists, gamers, role players, fans, writers, and so on. In furry discord servers, users create an anthropomorphized animal character (fursona) with whom they identify and can function as an avatar within the community.

You can interact with other members and chat with them and make new friends. So the question is, what are some of the best furry discord servers available out there?

Well, to help you out with this, here are some of the servers you might want to check out:

Best Furry Discord Servers

1. Club Floof 2022

Club Floof 2022 is a pretty great server that you can try out. The server claims to make you feel at home. Also, the server is pretty popular, and it  has a user base of more than 8.67K.

The server also has the official partner status from Discord active chats. Also, it is a complete SFW server where you can meet different people.

The server also hosts giveaways time to time. So overall, it is a pretty fun Discord server that you can join.


  • Official partner status from Discord Active chats.
  • Introduces giveaways time to time.
  • The server follows a great moderation to stop trolls and raids.


2. Fluffy Abyss [Furry]

Next, there is the Fluffy Abyss [Furry]. The best part of this Discord server is that it has a member base of more than 22K users. As a result, you will get to meet a lot of people and make new friends pretty easily.

Also, it is a friendly community where you will find peace. Plus, it gives you the chance to showcase your art, hosts giveaways, has tons of cute emojis to offer, and so on.


  • Huge Member base.
  • Lets you showcase and advertise arts.
  • Has organized channels.
  • Tons of roles and emojis.


3. The Furry Assembly

Next, there is The Furry Assembly Discord server. This is another great server where you will find an active and friendly environment.

The server claims to offer you a welcoming, active and non-toxic atmosphere. Plus, it has an active and experienced staff team.

Also, the server follows an economic system with unique shop roles. Plus, it offers you gaming categories and roles and comes offers you cute emojis.


  • 100% SFW community.
  • Wide user base.
  • Active, friendly & experienced staff team.


4. AllFurgether

AllFurgether is a growing Furry Discord server that you can join. It has about 1.15K user base, which keeps growing.

The Discord server is all about multiplayer gaming. But yes, you will find channels and meet people who have different interests.

Along with that, it offers an SFW community, and it frequently hosts events related to gaming, art, and movies.


  • Hundreds of emojis to choose from and can use in other servers with Nitro.
  •  Experienced Owners and staff.
  •  Channels for a variety of interests.


5. The Furry Agenda

Up next, there is The Furry Agenda. This is a pretty great Discord server where you chat, share and meet with new furs. The discord server is targeted at users above 16+. Also, it offers various channels for both SFW and NSFW. Also, you will find channels related to art and gaming.


  • A friendly community.
  • Wide user base.
  • Channels related to SFW, NSFW, Art, and Games.


6. The Floof Squad

The Floof Squad is a friendly furry server that accepts all kinds of people. Including both furs and non-furs. The server also supports LGBTQ+. Plus, the server is extremely strict when it comes to maintaining the server as SFW.


  • It has loads of channels like Would You Rather”, “Pets”, “Song Sharing” and more.
  • It has a commission channel.
  • Self assignable roles.


7. Fellowship Furries

You can also have a look at the Fellowship Furries. You must join this Discord server if you love giveaways. The server gives away 1-3 nitro giveaways a week. Plus, it also supports art giveaways. Along with that, it has many channels and voice channels where you can interact with others and make new friends.


  • It has a good verification system to prevent raiders.
  • 1-3 Nitro giveaways each week.
  • Vent channels.


8. Vistas

Vistas is a growing server where you can meet people from all places and backgrounds. The server has lots of channels related to vehicles, memes, selfies, technology, and more. Also, if there is anything else you would like to see, you can ask them for it. The server also organizes large Nitro giveaways and video games with DLC giveaways.


  • Active chat channels.
  • Fun and engaging events.
  • Free fursona supply.


9. Furry Hollow

Furry Hollow is also one of the popular Furry discord servers that you can join. It is a chill server with no drama. Plus, it is 100% SFW. It also has an art section where you can showcase your lovely art & advertise it. Also, it has lots of roles to choose from and offers you a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Art section to showcase your arts.
  • Lots of giveaways.


10. Ambient Forest ⌈ Furry ⌋

Lastly, there is the Ambient Forest ⌈ Furry ⌋ Discord server. This one is a furry hangout server. It is a great place where you can meet with a growing user base. Plus, it offers you lots of features and content. Also, it established itself as a friendly place for people to be themselves.


  • A safe and friendly environment.
  • Several dedicated channels for artists to advertise their commissions.
  • Has a custom bot that manages our custom Economy/EXP Levels/Giveaways & more.

Final Words:

So those were some of the top furry Discord servers that you can check out. Now go ahead and check these servers and their features. Also do join them and make new friends. Also, for any other suggestions, do drop a comment below.  

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