Chromecast App For Android – Google Chromecast APK Extension

Watching your favorite movies and videos on your large screen TV right from your home is quite exciting and comfortable. These days, several Chromecast apps are made available to all users to ease their mode of watching desired movies and other TV shows.

Before knowing the best Chromecast app available in the market, one must understand the usage of the Chromecast App.

There is a Chromecast device, as well as a Chromecast app. To make use of the Chromecast device and stream any video onto your big screen, you can use the Chromecast app.

Chromecast is a small piece of hardware that enables users to connect their TV to any of their electronic devices in their homes using an inbuilt processor within the Chromecast.

These days most of the people are using Chromecast by replacing the expensive home theatre setups. It is pretty much simple to use a Chromecast that allows you to hook your electronic devices to your TV directly.

Moreover, you can use this Chromecast to watch your preferred movies on your TV is available at an affordable price range. Chromecast uses on numerous devices, and it is globally accessible. If you have a Chromecast device in your home, it is quite beneficial to check out the complete guide about the Chromecast app for your Android device.

Here, I have come up with a step by step guide on how to download Chromecast APK for your Android device. Have a glance!

Chromecast App For Android | Complete Guide 2020

Chromecast is one of the best streaming apps available on Android device absolutely for free of cost. Earlier, the Chromecast app was used only for setting up the Chromecast device to a TV. Later, the app developers have designed this app in such a way that it could be used as an app providing much control to it.

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Besides the setup process, Chromecast also allows you to customize your background with various pictures, art, news, and much more stuff. On this Chromecast app, there is a fantastic feature called discovery that displays you different Chromecast apps that can be used by the user, the thing that they show, and it also provides you information regarding the place which you can acquire them.

Previously, the developers of this app have named it as Chromecast App. Later, in the year 2016, the developers have renamed it with a new name as Google Home. The Chromecast app is also known as the Google Home app, which is available for all the Android OS users.

The Chromecast app is compatible with various versions of Android platforms available entirely for free of cost. Chromecast is an exceptional application that lets the users set up different Google electronic gadgets in your house.

Once you are done with the setup process of your Chromecast device, all you need to do is set up the Google Home devices and the Chromecast Audio.

Chromecast App Download Free for Android

The Chromecast app is pretty beneficial for all the users to browse the latest videos and other media content for free. The Chromecast app offers a plethora of useful features to all the users at the time of streaming the media content from the Chromecast app to the Television screen. One could easily play, pause, and stop the streaming video or movie with great ease.

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The Chromecast app is available to download for free right from the official app store. If you are seeking to download the latest version, you can get it from some trustworthy third-party website.

The Chromecast app offers many features to all the users who are incredibly enthusiastic towards watching films from their houses in a relaxed manner. One of the stunning benefits of using the Chromecast app is that it renders a facility of customizing the Television screen of the users.

It is genuinely worthless to have copious Chromecast devices at your home if you don’t have a Chromecast app on your Android device.

So, we strongly recommend our readers to download and install the Chromecast / Google Home app on their Android devices if they have a Chromecast device at their house. The Chromecast device might most often not support various games and apps to stream onto your TV Screen.

In such a situation, the Chromecast app helps the users in the best possible way. The Chromecast app /Google Home app enables the users the capability of playing or running various Android games and apps with much ease. The games and apps that are not supported by the Chromecast device can be accessed without any struggle by downloading and installing a Chromecast app on an Android device. So, we suggest you turn your Chromecast device as a standard Google Home.

Features of Chromecast App

Here are some of the unique features offered by the Chromecast app to all Android devices:

Benefits with Chromecast device

There are innumerable advantages of using the Chromecast app if you own a Chromecast device. Check out the amazing benefits listed out below:

  • The Chromecast app enhances the ability to browse the popular content right from your Chromecast-running apps.
  • By using the search field, the users can easily explore the content through the name of the TV show, actor name or the name of the movie.
  • Some of the amazing features available on Chromecast app include play, pause, and alter the video streaming volume across your Chromecast device.
  • The Chromecast app renders the ability to customize the Television screen with spectacular imagery for the users.
  • Apart from the above features, the users could quickly discover latest apps, content, and a lot more offers.

Benefits with Chromecast Audio Device

  • The features of Chromecast app will be eventually different when used with the Chromecast Audio device:
  • The Chromecast app allows users to control Chromecast devices with great ease.
  • The users can easily sync their speakers and Google Home in a simultaneously using the multi-room groups. This will, in turn, render an incredible playback experience for all the users in every room of your house.
  • Just like the benefit with Chromecast device, this app lets you make various changes to the volume and play or pause anytime without any hassle.
  • It is compatible with some devices like thermostats, smart lights, Chromecast devices, and much more.

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How to Download Chromecast APK for Android?

The Google Home app is otherwise called as the Chromecast app. This app is available for all the users on the official Google Play Store app store marketplace. The current latest version of the Chromecast app is

This app has been updated in recent times i.e., on 11th August 2017. As of now, more than billions of users of Android have downloaded and installed the Chromecast app on their devices.

The users of Android who are seeking to download the Chromecast app on their device need to run the latest versions of Android OS. The Chromecast app is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and the higher versions of the operating system.

The size of the downloadable file of Chromecast APK for Android is 20.84 MB. If you are unable to download the Chromecast app from the official app store, there is an alternative source for the readers. You can simply head over to some trusted third party website available on the internet for downloading the Chromecast APK for Android devices.

If you are not entirely aware of downloading the Chromecast APK on Android from the trusted 3rd party website, we are here to assist you in the best way.

Follow the simple step-by-step guide below in this post to carry out the downloading process of Chromecast APK for Android:

Steps to Download Chromecast APK for Android

  • First of all, Android users must grab permission from their Android devices before heading towards installing the Chromecast app.
  • To acquire the app permissions, the user must navigate to Settings on your Android device.
  • Once you land on the Settings screen, scroll down towards the Security option.
  • Within that option, you must locate the Unknown Sources button.
  • Toggle the Unknown Sources button towards the ON side. Once you do this, it means that you have successfully acquired consent from your Android phone.
  • Now, you can head over towards the downloading process of Chromecast APK for Android device.
  • For that, you must visit some trusted third party website available on the web,
  • Ensure that the website is secure or not by looking at the address bar of that website.
  • You can then search for the Chromecast APK file within that website by typing in the search field with the same keyword.
  • A plethora of apk files will appear on the screen as a result of your search.
  • Pick the precise Chromecast APK file from the list of a huge number of apps.
  • Download button appears just below the name of the Chromecast APK file.
  • Click on the download button and continue with the downloading process.
  • Once you are done with the download of the Chromecast APK on Android, you can check the status of it from the notifications window.
  • Soon after the finishing of Chromecast APK download, the users will get to know the completion of the downloading process.
  • Click to open the downloaded APK file. Hit the install button appeared on the screen.
  • Accept the terms and conditions before initiating the installation.
  • You need to head over the setup process of Chromecast app on your Android device.
  • Lastly, open the installed Chromecast APK file by tapping it from the homepage of your Android screen.

Pros of Chromecast App

The Chromecast app is an incredible innovation from the Google developers. There are innumerable advantages and uses by downloading the Chromecast app on Android devices.

Check out the list of some of the great benefits of using the Chromecast App.

  • Enhances the ability to customize the TV screen with stunning pictures.
  • This app provides the ease of discovering the latest apps, content, and a lot more stuff.
  • Cons of Chromecast App
  • Just like the pros of the Chromecast app, there are some cons or flaws that we might come across within the Chromecast app.
  • Not all the features available on the Chromecast app are available in all the countries across the world. It means only limited features might be accessible by some people from a few countries.
  • It might be unstable in some situations. Some connection issues might arise at the time of the setup process.

That’s it! This is the easy process of downloading and installing the Chromecast APK /Google Home App for Android Phone.

How to Setup Chromecast Device Using ChromeCast App?

Check out the simple steps that let users stream media content from various online sources onto your big screen using the Chromecast app:

  • Initially, the users must ensure that they have downloaded the Chromecast app on their Android device.
  • Soon after the completion of the installation of the Chromecast app on your phone, you need to connect the Chromecast device to your mobile device.
  • Now, you need to carry out the setup process. It means that you must plug in the Chromecast device to the HDMI port on your big screen.
  • Ensure that you have plugged in the power cable.
  • The setup process of the Chromecast app has been completed successfully.
  • The users can then start using the Chromecast device through the Chromecast device on your big screen.
  • You can then run the Chromecast app on your Android mobile device.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon which appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Check whether all the network connections are placed properly or not.
  • From the list, you need to choose the Wi-Fi on your Chromecast device and tap the continue option.
  • After connecting the Chromecast device to Chromecast app, just open the media content streaming app on your device.
  • You have to select your preferred TV show or movie from the media source app.
  • The users must select the media player i.e., ‘Other Player’.
  • You can then tap the option Watch Now’ and continue watching your desired show or movie by making use of the ‘Chromecast’ app.

This is all you need to know about streaming the media content on your TV using the Chromecast app.

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