How To Connect Airpods To HP Laptop – Step By Step Guide 2022

Airpods are a luxury that most people own nowadays, and you must be well aware that you can conveniently connect your AirPods with an iPhone or a MacBook.

But considering the amount of these devices, not many people can own them. So, the first question that comes to the mind of the people who buy AirPods is connecting them with their regular PC or laptop.

If you own an HP laptop, you must question whether you can connect AirPods to HP Laptop? The answer to this question is yes, absolutely you can. Airpods owners can conveniently connect their device to any computer, whether it is HP, Dell, or Lenovo.

The only requirement you must have while connecting your AirPods with your HP laptop is Bluetooth. This article will share a few easy steps to connect your AirPods with the HP laptop.

So, stop thinking about how to connect AirPods to HP laptops and start reading the article.

How To Connect Airpods To HP Laptop – Step By Step

Below, we have explained the process of connecting AirPods to HP laptops in a few simple steps.

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to go to Windows settings, finding the action centre icon in the right corner.

Step 2:

In the Windows action centre, select “All Settings“. While you do this, make sure that you have turned on your Bluetooth because then only you will be able to connect AirPods to the HP computer. 

Step 3:

In the windows settings, go to the option “Devices

Step 4:

On the left side, you will find a tab of Bluetooth and other devices. On the tab, select the option “Add Bluetooth and other devices“.

Step 5:

In the Add a device option, select the Bluetooth option.

Step 6:

When you select the Bluetooth option, if your AirPods are enabled, you will be able to see them on the screen. Tap on them, and the pairing process will begin.

Step 7:

If you cannot see your AirPods on the screen, you can try opening the charging case’s lid and click on the circle button that is provided on the Apple AirPods charging case with the lid open.

Step 8:

When the light changes from green to White, you might be able to see your AirPods on the screen. 

When your Bluetooth gets paired with your HP laptop, a message will appear on the screen “Your device is successfully paired”, or you will hear an automated voice in your Airpods.

Step 9:

You can check if the Airpods are working or not by playing some music or watching something on your HP laptop.

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Now, you can conveniently connect AirPods to HP laptop, and you can stop worrying about any inconvenience.Go on and enjoy the music.

Connecting to any HP laptop can be done in similar ways. You don’t have to worry about connecting AirPods with Envy HP laptops, 7th generation or 8th generation.

Another major question that we have heard people ask is, “how do I connect my Airpods to my no Bluetooth HP laptop?“. Earlier, the answer to this question would have been, “No, you cannot”.

But now, with the advancement of technology, there are few devices that you can use for connecting your AirPods to a device that does not have Bluetooth equipped in it.

However, there is a 2 in 1 Bluetooth 5 transmitter/receiver available on various online shopping apps like Amazon and Flipkart.

With the help of this transmitter, you can connect your Airpods with HP laptops that do not have Bluetooth. You can also connect it with your car stereo, audio recorder, projectors and much more. 

How to Use This 2 in 1 Bluetooth Transmitter?

To use this 2 in 1 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver is extremely easy. It comes with an RCA cable and a 3.5 mm head Jack. So all you have to do is connect the cable with the HP laptop that does not have Bluetooth.

Next, switch the device to the transmitting mode and then press the button given on the device for 3 seconds to start it. Once the device gets started, open your AirPods and place it on the device to go into the pairing mode.

The last step is to double-tap the transmitter for completing the connection between the Airpods and the laptop.

Almost all laptops have Bluetooth nowadays, but few outdated versions do not have. In that case, this 2 in 1 Bluetooth transmitter comes handy, which is cheaper than most adaptors.

Connect Airpods To HP Laptop – FAQs

Q1. How can I connect AirPods with my HP laptop Windows 8?

With the help of the steps that we have stated above, you can connect your AirPods to your HP laptop Windows 8.

Q2. What to do if my AirPods do not appear on my laptop?

If you are not able to see your AirPods on the screen, you may try pressing the button given on the bottom of the charging LED of your AirPods. But if that does not help, you can try charging your AirPods and charging case. You can also try rebooting them.

Q3. Can I connect my AirPods with an HP desktop?

Apple AirPods work with all types of devices, so yes you can use them with your age PC desktop.

Q4. How to connect AirPods with an HP pavilion laptop?

As we have mentioned before, all the steps discussed above are applicable for all HP laptops and desktops. So by following those steps, you can conveniently connect your Apple AirPods with an HP pavilion laptop as well.

Summing Up

We hope this article was helpful, and useful. By following the steps we have provided above, you can connect your AirPods to any HP laptop, PC or desktop without any hassle. 

Once you stop using Airpods, you don’t have to worry about reconnecting because once you have connected your AirPods with the said device, you don’t have to connect them again and again. They will automatically connect with the Bluetooth of a laptop.

And the best thing about the technology is that now even if your laptop or desktop does not have Bluetooth, you can connect your AirPods with those devices as well.

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