How To Fix Discord Changing Avatar Too Fast?

Discord enables you to modify your profile’s avatar whenever you like. And you can change discord Avatars as many instances as you want as there are no set restrictions by discord.


If you switch avatars too frequently in a short period, you may encounter an error message stating, “You are changing the Avatars too quickly; try again later.”

This error might leave you in a challenging situation at times, and you should absolutely be seeking a solution.

Right? Don’t worry…

Let’s look at the reason and the possible solutions regarding the “Discord changing avatar too fast” issue together.

Cause Of “Discord Changing Avatar Too Fast” Error

The first thing you need to know is why you’re seeing this error message.

Although there is no limit to how often you may alter your Avatars on Discord, once you do so on your account, Discord must update your avatar on all of your contacts’ devices, including all the servers you’ve joined.

So, if you change Avatars too frequently in a short amount of time, it may create some server trouble, and you must realize that this is not the proper method to accomplish it.

The Discord app will urge you to wait a few moments before attempting to alter your avatar, and you should do so.

How To Fix Discord Changing Avatar Too Fast? 5 Easy Solutions

Method 1: Give It A Rest

If you try to change or edit your avatars more than three times a minute, you’ll get the Discord erroryou are changing your profile picture too fast.”

But, because you’ve already done it, you’ll have no option but to pause for a while.

To update or alter your Discord avatar, be patient and wait at least 5 minutes. If you’re still receiving the Discord avatar problem notice after waiting a time, continue to the following possible remedy.

Note: Avoid changing your Discord avatar more than three times in a minute, and always await 4 to 5 minutes before selecting or editing an avatar.

Method 2: Restart Your PC

If there is a glitch or any issue with your PC, the Discord switching avatar too fast warning message may occur. In this case, restarting your computer is the best way to resolve the Discord problem.

Rebooting the computer usually clears up any mistakes, ambiguities, or bugs that are causing you to have this problem. So, why go for any difficult technique when a simple restart may resolve the updating your avatar too quickly on Discord error?

To fix Discord changing avatar too fast by rebooting, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the Start Button from the Start Menu
  • Now click on the Power button
  • Click on Restart

Note: Close all the applications before rebooting, to make it a smooth process.

Once your computer has booted up, see if this method was successful in resolving your problem.

Method 3: Plan Well Before Saving

Profile pictures are typically square in shape, but that isn’t the scenario with Discord. The Discord avatar is shaped like a circular.

Seeing that, if you update/upload the incorrect avatar, you’re likely to receive a Discord you’re changing your avatar too quickly.

Furthermore, you will be compelled to crop/edit the avatar due to updating the incorrect photo, and if you do so multiple times in a short period of time, you will receive this error.

As a result, we recommend that you prepare your Discord avatar ahead of time to avoid any mistakes. Also, do not click Save unless you are sure that your avatar is beautiful and appropriate for Discord.

Method 4: Uninstall And Install Discord Again

If all of the preceding solutions have failed to resolve the Discord changing avatar too quickly, the only option is to reinstall the program. If you’re still getting this error message after making these modifications, it’s apparent that your app isn’t working properly.

Nothing can ever work better in this scenario than reinstalling the program to get around the problem.

To do this, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Start Menu
  2. Click on the Search Bar
  3. Type Control panel
  4. Click on Control Panel
  5. Now tap on Uninstall a Program under Programs icon
  6. Right-click on Discord and select Uninstall
  7. Follow the instructions given on the screen 
  8. Restart your computer after the Discord app is uninstalled.

To download the Discord app again, you can visit any third part software website. Install the Discord app and login with your username and password. 

If this method didn’t work, you can move on to the last one in order to fix Discord avatar change cooldown.

Method 5: Contact Discord Customer Support

If you still aren’t able to fix Discord changing avatar too fast, the last resort is to contact the customer care of Discord. You can go to their official website for this, or you can write to them at [email protected]. You might have to provide screenshots and all the details regarding Discord you are changing your profile picture too fast.

Discord Can’t Change Avatar FAQs

How To Change Discord Avatar?

If you want to change your avatar on discord, go to Settings > Account Settings > Your Avatar > Upload a new Avatar.

How long do you have to wait to change the Discord Avatar?

You will have to wait for 5 minutes to change your Discord Avatar

How many times can I change my Discord Avatar?

You can change your Discord Avatar as many times as you want but you cannot change it multiple times in a short duration. If you do this, you might get the error message saying “You are changing your avatar too fast, try again later”


So, these were the simple fixes to Discord changing avatar to fast error. If you are still getting the error after following the above mentioned steps please let us know using the comment section. also if the error is resolved using the mentioned fixes please comment down below.

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