15 Free Email Services That Don’t Require Phone Verification

Often people run out of their Gmail or Yahoo Mail accounts, and they cannot make a new account because of a lack of phone numbers.

In that case, they look for free email services that Don’t Require Phone Verification via phone number.

In this article, we have provided 15 free email services that do not require any mobile verification.

Top Verification Free Email Services In 2022

1. GMX Mail

Global Mail eXchange, abbreviated as GMX Mail, was started by a company in Germany named Global mail eXchange. The company is known to be one of the reliable listed companies running in Germany since 1997. 

GMX Mail is a free mobile verification email service. This email service does not have any restriction on storage capacity, and it gives you 2 GB of free storage. You can only send an attachment maximum of 50 MB. 

That the email service is very smooth, and it has a user-friendly interface. The color scheme of blue and white color keeps your eyes free from strains. You can use this application on smartphones, iPhones, and tablets, and this app is entirely free.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Free of cost
  • 2GB free storage
  • Compatible with various devices


  • It contains advertisements.
  •  You can only send a maximum of 50 MB attachment.

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2. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a free email service provider based in Switzerland, and the service offered by this application is the most secured one. Protonmail has made it easier for users to send encrypted emails.

 It has a default setting as per which encrypted messages get expired after 28 days. You can select a longer expiration date. 

If you get a premium account on Protonmail, you will get 5 GB of storage, and you can also send a thousand messages a day.

 Another fascinating thing about Protonmail is that you don’t have to enter your name in this email service. You can enter a user name instead. 


  • Full encryption
  • Password protected mails
  • It offers proper security.
  • The emails have an expiration date. 


  • The premium account also has limits to the storage capacity and messages.

3. Mail.com

Mail.com is the following email service on this list and does not require your mobile number for verification. 

However, there are two ways in which the confirmation can happen on Mail.com: SMS and Email account. 

If you want to use this email service, you must have an existing email account if you don’t want to use your mobile number. Mail.com is owned by a German company named 1&1 Mail & Media Inc. 

Mail.com also gives you 2 GB of free storage capacity and the limit of 50 MB attachment. You cannot keep your account inactive for 60 days. After 60 days, it will delete your messages and will stop receiving emails. 


  • Free storage of 2GB
  • You can use multiple accounts


  • There are just two verification methods: Email or SMS. 
  • It contains ads. 

4. Tutanota

Tutanota is another best email service that does not require any verification, and it is equipped with AES Technology because the males remain end-to -end encrypted. 

Tutanota was created in Germany by a team of a small number of people in which you get 1GB of free storage space, and the best thing is there are no advertisements. 

So if you want to use a secured email service, then you can go for tutanota. On this application, you can choose your domain name, and PFS and DANE also support it.


  • It does not require your mobile number.
  • It does not contain advertisements.
  • End-to-end email encryption
  • Open source email service


  • You get only 1 GB of free storage

5. Mailfence 

Mailfence and Protonmail are quite similar to each other. Mailfence is one of the best-secure email service providers, and your identity remains completely safe. 

Your identity is only revealed to those you send emails to, so you can not use it for spamming or forgery. 

Mailfence comes with various features like cryptography, end to end encryption of data, and no third party can have access to your personal information or data. 

If you take the paid subscription of Mailfence, you can have access to more advanced features. However, a paid subscription is not affordable for everybody. 


  • Complete security
  • End to end encryption
  • Advanced features like cryptography


  • The paid subscription is quite expensive.

6. Email on Deck

On email on Deck, you can create a disposable email. The only thing that you have to do is to prove that you are not a bot and then start with your free email service.

 Email on Deck will not ask for your mobile number for verification. If you delete your email address, you can retrieve it, but you won’t be able to retrieve the emails that have gotten deleted.

 Email on Deck also provides outstanding premium services with which you can make multiple disposable emails. 


  • You can make multiple disposable emails.
  • You can retrieve your deleted email address.
  • One of the best free email services.


  • Once you delete the emails, you cannot retrieve them.

7. Yandex

Yandex is a kind of free email service as it does ask for your mobile number, but if you choose the option that you don’t have a telephone number, you can complete your registration process. 

The registration process is straightforward. You have to follow the questions asked on the form. Yandex has a stringent account activities policy, so if they state your account to be spammy, you won’t be able to use it further without providing your mobile number for verification. 


  • Good email service
  • Amazing user interface

8. Bullet Mail

Bullet Mail is also a free email service provider, but it also provides paid features. Bullet mail also does not require your phone number, and it provides users with 500MB of storage capacity and 100 messages for or day limit. 

Storage capacity can be a drawback of this email service provider. But on the brighter side, at the same time, two users can use one email account. 


  • Free of cost
  • Premium features
  • Simultaneous logins


  • Less storage capacity

9. TempIn box

TempIn box is a free of cost email service provider that does not require your mobile number for verification. It is like Mailnesia only. 

Users can use it only to receive the emails for a one-way email service provider. TempIn box is a good temporary email service provider that everybody can use.


  • Free of cost


  • No, as such.

10. OpenMailBox

OpenMailBox is one of the most popular free email service providers. You can have an effortless free of cost signup on this email service platform. OpenMailBox is quite similar to Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. 

This email service provider comes with 5 GB of free storage, and you can send up to 500 MB file attachments on a single email. 

This email service provider is available in various languages like English, French, Italian, Polish, and Irish because it has numerous users. 


  • 5 GB of storage capacity
  • 500 MB file attachment
  • Available in various languages


  • The server can be slow sometimes.
  • In addition, advanced features are not available free of cost anymore.

11. Mailnesia

Mailnesia is a one-way email service provider in which you can only receive emails. It does not allow you to send emails to others. 

But you can have access to the various advanced features offered by Mailnesia. Some of the advanced features are: 

  • Multiple domain names
  • RSS channel for multiple email accounts
  • HTML support
  • Multiple text encoding

All in all, Mailnesia is one of the best one-way free email service providers. 


  • It has a lot of features that are accessible even for normal users.


  • It is a one-way email service provider.

12. E4ward

On E4ward, users can create multiple accounts without verifying their mobile number. You can also connect your primary email address with the other email accounts to do it conveniently when you want to forward any important mail. 

However, the benefit of the multiple aliases is only provided to the paid subscribers and with premium service. It gives you a good enough storage capacity, and you can conveniently customize your email as well. 


  • You can forward your emails to your primary email account.
  • The benefit of multiple accounts on premium service.


  • It does not have a good user interface.

13. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla is very much similar to email on Deck as it is also a disposable email service provider. You can create a temporary email account free of cost on this platform and don’t have to put in your mobile number.

 You can create an account, send an email then immediately dispose of it if you want. This email service provider allows you to attach a file of up to 150 MB. 

The email address does not dispose off until you click on the options forget me. The emails you received on this email account only stay for one hour and automatically get deleted. 


  • Disposable email account
  • Mails get deleted after one hour


  • Somebody knows your inbox ID; they can access your email account.

14. Mailinator

Mailinator is another email service provider which is different from others because of its one feature. That one feature is that Mailinator allows you to create a public email address.

 Mailinator is one such email service that is free of spam. The email boxes of this application are public, and it has an auto-delete feature that activates every few hours.

 Even though Mailinator is not safe when you have to send or receive personal information, you can use it for those platforms that ask for your email address. 

But if you still decide to use email service and want producer and security, you can take a paid subscription to mailinator.


  • You can create a public email address
  • Free from spammers


  • Anybody can have access to your personal information.

15. Inbox.lv

The last free email service on this list is inbox.lv. A Latvian company created this, and when you make your email account on this email service, you don’t have to give your phone number or even any ID. 

Inbox.lv offers outstanding online anonymity. The customer service of this email service provider is also excellent, so if you want to have access to a secure email service provider, this would be a great choice.


  • Proper anonymity
  • Free of cost


  • No, as such.


We hope this article would have provided you with some insights, and all of these free email services are pretty good. You can use them without any doubt. 

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