Chromecast Not Working | Fix Chromecast & Check How Does it Works?

Fix Chromecast not working & Check How Does it Works: Today millions of people are using Google Chromecast because it is one of the most advanced technologies created by Google, which can help you stream popular websites such as YouTube, Netflix, and many more popular video websites. It also helps you to stream your favorite TV shows.

You can also cast any videos from your mobile to your TV with the help of Wi-Fi connections. Most users experience this Chromecast Download without any issues, but sometimes people also face some issues and problems with this Chromecast.

But in today’s article, I am going to provide you with the solutions which will help you if your Chromecast Not Working correctly. So the following tricks which I am going to mention below will help you solve all your problems.

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What to do If Your Chromecast Not Working Properly

Sometimes you fight to face a problem such as your video output may blackout suddenly or start buffering suddenly. And during that time, your Chromecast may stop working, restart again, or your system or TV will stick over there.

So, in that case, you need to follow the following steps. Read out the steps carefully and follow it in as per instructions.

Check out the power supply

If your Chromecast Setup is not working properly, it might be due to the poor quality of power supply. It is very common that some of the users stole the USB port on their TV to get a convenient power supply.

Not only this, sometimes most of the HDTV sets cut the power to the USB port whenever your TV is off, this is also the main reason why your Chromecast doesn’t work properly, but all the USB ports are not similar. This problem may occur if your set is a very cheap, very poor specification, which leads to the inadequate supply to your Chromecast.

So your first step is to stop the power supply, which came out with the Chromecast Apps and switch off the main power supply. And then, you should replace the charger and the USB cord, and you have to stop charging your mobile or other devices. Now check it out again.

Factory Reset

As I have already told you earlier that, the black screens of your video output may be solved by simply unplugging the primary power source and then plug it again. But if Chromecast stuck permanently, then this will not help. It would be best if you had another solution.

The solution is to hold the physical button on your Chromecast, which is situated near the power port for at least 25 seconds until the light blinks. If this also doesn’t work then, you should exchange your Chromecast and get a new one.

fix Chromecast not working issues

Due to the weak Wi-Fi signal

The weak signal of Wi-Fi also leads to stopping in video playing. The Chromecast and HDML streaming will be good if your Wi-Fi signal is powerful. To check this out, look out at the Chromecast’s splash screen.

You can see the Wi-Fi signal along with the operator name to the lower-left corner, and then you can check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi. If you are facing from weak Wi-Fi signal, then there are two options for you, one is using another Wi-Fi signal from your phone or Laptop and connect it with your HDTV. Now you can check it out again, whether it is working properly or not.

Boosting up the Wi-Fi Signals

If you are getting a problem due to weak Wi-Fi signals, you can bring your whole setup closer, including your TV, router, and you can increase the power of your Wi-Fi signals. Or else, you can use some Wi-Fi signals boosters, which will help you to increase the signals of your Wi-Fi network.

Changing Wi-Fi signals

One of the main problems of Chromecast is that it does not support 5 GHz WI-Fi, and it supports only up to the 2.4GHz band. So this 2.4GHz is too much congested. To solve this problem, you cannot use the 5Ghz band, so the only solution is to check out the signals, the subdivisions of the 2.4Ghz band, which is used by 2.4GHz routers, this can solve out your problem.

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Chromecast Not Working – Conclusion

So, therefore I hope you will get some help with this article, and if you have anything to say about Chromecast Not Working, you can freely give your comment.

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