How To Fix Discord Images Not Loading Error

Discord is a messaging application that allows us to send and receive audio, video, and picture messages. Most of the time, it runs smoothly.

Nevertheless, it can occasionally give you issues such as Discord not working, Discord not recognising mic, error 1105, and Discord images not loading, as discussed in this post, and so on.

But what causes the Discord images not loading error? Can we fix this on our own? Well, yes!

Read on to learn about the reasons and some troubleshooting methods to fix Discord images not loading at home.

Reasons for Discord Images Not Loading

When loading photos in Discord, you may see the following error “there was an issue loading this photo.” What is the source of this error? We discovered the following causes after investigating several cases.

  1. The received file’s size
  2. Problems with Internet access
  3. Incorrect network configuration
  4. Client-side Discord server is offline 
  5. Discord’s settings do not permit the loading of pictures
  6. The firewall prevents resource loading

9 Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Discord Images Not Loading

Method 1: Check The Statues of Your Discord Server 

It’s possible that the issue isn’t on your end, but instead on Discord’s – particularly, their servers. Server upkeep assaults, and unexpected outages are just a several of the causes why Discord’s backend could be down.

Users may experience problems utilising Discord if its servers are not fully functional, such as the inability to transfer messages or files.

So, how can we know if there are any ongoing server-side problems?

Luckily, there are simple methods for doing so! A Google search will bring up a slew of websites that monitor the status of different prominent servers.

It not only informs you about the server’s status but also offers information about the approximate locations of individuals who reported it. As a result, you can determine whether parts of Discord’s services are unavailable. Additionally, there is an embedded Twitter feed that allows you to quickly reach Discord’s help account. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can immediately assess if the problem is on their end rather than yours.

You may also utilise Discord’s official server status webpage, which can be found here.

While it lacks some of the features of Downdetector, such as location monitoring, it does give more technical information. Some of them, such as uptime statistics and API response times, are crucial in assessing server stability and performance.

The majority of server-side issues are fixed in a day or two, and functioning should be recovered after that. It doesn’t hurt, though, to bring it to Discord’s notice by tweeting or emailing their support desk.

Method 2: Update Your Discord Client

Bugs, like any other programme, are unavoidable and a headache to deal with for both designers and customers. It may imply that you can’t transmit that file to your buddy because of a mistake or a straight line of faulty code in our instance!

Fortunately, programmers and teams at major organisations such as Discord rapidly address these issues with updates that users can download. Furthermore, these upgrades almost always include new functionality!

As a result, keeping your Discord client up to current is a smart idea to guarantee you get the most recent bug patches and features.

The installation and upgrade options for Discord are in the shape of a green download icon in the upper right of the application. You should be presented with a new edition of the application after the program restarts immediately, perhaps fixing your difficulty delivering the file!

Method 3: Check Your Internet Speed

Next, we recommend that you verify your computer’s Internet connection. Because your smartphone cannot engage with Discord’s servers without internet access, it’s critical to know if your device has a reliable connection. Discord picture uploading and loading will be hampered by a poor Internet connection. As a result, if you get the Discord images not loading issue, you should check your Internet connection. First of all, make sure the network is up and running and that there are no problems.

You can do an Internet speed check if necessary. You may check if your Internet speed is enough by doing so. You must also test your bandwidth in contrast to your Connection speeds. Because some ISPs like limiting consumers’ bandwidth at specific times or when they use specific apps, this is the case.

As a result, you must check whether you come across such a circumstance. If this is the case, you should contact your Internet service provider.

While there are a plethora of websites that can check your Internet connection, we recommend using Ookla’s Speed Test app or website.

Method 4: Reboot Your Device

PCs and phones, much less the operating systems (OS) that operate on them, are extremely complicated technologies. Microsoft Windows 10, for example, has almost 50 million lines of code!

With so many possible failure sites, the operating system may accidentally load the incorrect byte of data into the computer’s random access memory (RAM), resulting in system problems. It’s possible that’s why your files and photos aren’t uploading to Discord!

However, a simple solution is only a few mouse clicks away. When you restart your device, the RAM is cleared and the system begins anew, free of any potential problems. Restarting your device is really what Discord recommends.

Method 5: Try Using The Web Version 

Users have reported being unable to post photos on the Discord client, the version of Discord installed on the computer in the past. Those who are having problems with the Discord app can upload the very same file using the Discord internet browser version.

After signing in with your login details, you can view the web browser version here.

This strange occurrence can be linked to a potential issue in Discord’s client version that has yet to be patched. In the internet browser version, however, it might be missing. That’s another reason why the “Upload Failed” message only appears in the Discord application.

So, if the online version of Discord works for you, you can use it momentarily.

Method 6: Switch the Server Region

Discord just released a Voice Regions update that automatically selects the optimal server area. It’s possible that you won’t be able to modify the server location on your server any more.

If you’re just experiencing trouble talking on specific servers but not with direct messaging, it’s possible that the guild members’ server location is the issue. If you’ve never set up a group before, the server’s region can be customised to meet the demands of people who use it often.

Of usual, you must be an administrator or a member with guild permissions to alter the guild’s server location.

To change the server location, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Discord app

Step 2: Click on your server name located on the top left of the screen

Step 3: Now, click on the down arrow icon located just left to the server name.

Step 4: Click on Server Settings in the drop down menu

Step 5: After that, click on Overview

Step 6:  Now you can change your Server Region from this tab.

Switching the server location with one that is nearer to you regionally reduces latency and improves connection reliability. This enhances your conversation experience and may enable you to transfer that file or resolve the Discord Upload Failed issue.

Method 7: Check Your Privacy Settings

When you browse through Discord’s settings menu, you’ll see a wealth of privacy options, and with good cause. They’re all in place to keep you safe from harmful downloads that may include malware or viruses, causing you to lose your valuable data or even your hard earned money!

As a result, it’s a great idea to use Discord with these safety net programs in place for extra protection. It may, however, prohibit you from transmitting the file to your buddy in this situation.

Here is a selection of privacy settings that may prohibit you from delivering that file along either party’s side:

  • You don’t have a server in common with the receiver, and you’re not Discord buddies.
  • On the server computer, direct communications to strangers are disabled.
  • Only direct chats/calls from users are taken by the receiver.
  • You have been blocked by the recipient.

Guidelines for allowing direct messaging from server members:

For a specific server:

Step 1: Open Discord app

Step 2: Click on your server name located on the top left of the screen

Step 3: Now, click on the down arrow icon located just left to the server name.

Step 4: After that, click on Privacy Settings

Step 5: Now, toggle the option to green to turn on Allow direct messages from server members.

In the hereafter, if you connect to any new servers:

Step 1: Open Discord app

Step 2: Click on User Settings from the bottom left near your username 

Step 3: Now, click on Privacy & Safety from the User Settings list

Step 4: Now, toggle the option to green to turn on Allow direct messages from server members.

Method 8: Remove Discord and Install Again

Sometimes due to some bugs or glitches in your Discord app, certain errors occur. It can happen for the Discord images not loading issue too. You can simply uninstall the app and download and install it back again with a fresh version.

To uninstall the Discord app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Step 2: Click on Uninstall a Program

Step 3: Look for Discord and right click on it

Step 4: Click on Uninstall and follow the on screen instructions to complete it

To download and install the Discord app again, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the app from a trustworthy third party website

Step 2: Run the setup from the Downloads folder

Step 3: Follow the guided installation instructions and restart your computer after the process is done.

Method 9: Contact The Discord Customer Support

Have you tried all of the solutions listed above and the file still does not appear to be uploading? At this stage, the problem may be beyond an individual’s ability to resolve.

There are several reasons why the fault is on Discord’s side. This covers discrete faults related to extremely particular instances, user account difficulties, and even file and messaging transmission problems on Discord’s servers.

Because these are situations outside our control, we recommend contacting Discord Support so that they can help you.

Make an effort to clarify and expound on your problem to the best of your ability. This will assist them in replicating your bug and determining the root cause of the problem.


We hope that these troubleshooting methods to fix Discord images not loading issues works for you. The article provides all of the information needed to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. We strongly advise you to read it thoroughly and to follow all of the instructions that we have provided.

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