10 Ways To Fix Discord Not Opening Links & Wrong Browser Issue

Discord is an extremely popular free voice and text chat application among gamers across the globe. Players who play multiplayer games often use Discord to text and share videos and audio communication with fellow gamers.

However, Discord’s compatibility with multiple platforms and ease of use is very popular, but like any other application, many a time Discord users have been reporting issues with Discord not opening links.

If you are also facing the same issue of discord links not working, you are at the right place. In this blog, we have shared few simple tricks and tried to help you with discord links not working and discord opening links in wrong browser issue.

But, before that, let’s find out the reasons why discord links not opening in the browser.

Reasons for Discord Not Opening Links

Many a time you might have faced issues where discord won’t open links correctly and it may be because of the failed application response.

There may be multiple reasons that may be causing this issue. Such as:

  • The Discord app is not updated
  • Connectivity issues
  • Some browser issues
  • The previous session was not closed properly
  • Windows settings are showing the wrong date and time
  • Some proxy is blocking the access
  • Corrupted Windows system files
  • Some issues in the App Data folder

Now let’s go through some easy methods to fix the issue of discord not opening links. By following these suggested steps, we hope you would be able to resolve the issue without blinking.

How To Fix Discord Not Opening Links & Links Not Working

First of all, make sure that the operating system of the device you are using is up to date and the Discord app you are using is also the latest version. If still, the discord links are not opening, try to reinstall the Discord app. 

If the issue still persists, try using the methods suggested here to fix discord not opening links:

Fix 1: Try Logging In Discord’s Web Version.

Try signing in through Discord’s web version. If the earlier session was not closed correctly, your Discord account will be reset.

Now close your web browser and restart the application. The application should now run normally on your computer.

Fix 2: Set Windows Date & Time

Make sure that Windows date and time on your computer, are set to automatic update. You may find it odd, but it works!

Fix 3: Exit Discord in Task Manager; restart the application

Many a time, the Discord app is not open on a desktop monitor but runs in the background. It happens if the previous session was not closed properly.

So, stop the program forcefully by the command prompt and relaunch it.

Fix 4: Delete local and application data

The cache data stored in the system as app data sometimes results in this issue of discord not opening links. So you can fix the issue by deleting the app data and local app data of the Discord app.

After deleting the local and the application data, restart Discord app to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Fix 5: Un-install and re-install Discord

Sometimes there is a problem in the initial installation of the program. The easiest way to resolve the issue is to uninstall the Discord app and its related files. 

So, uninstall the present Discord app and reinstall the latest version of the Discord app. 

We hope this will resolve the issue of discord links not working issue. Further if your links are opening in wrong browser and you want to change the Default browser for opening links from the discord app then keep reading the article.

How to fix Discord opening links in the wrong browser

Fix 1: Choose the apt browser

When you open a link using the Discord app, you will be asked to select a default browser to open links in the future.

Before choosing the default web browser for your future use, note that this will be asked only while opening a link for the first time and the browser you selected will be set as the default browser for all future uses. So choose wisely.

Fix 2: Check your default browser

Discord app always uses your computer system’s default app for opening any links. So, please confirm that the default web browser application on your computer system matches the browser you wish the links to open.

Fix 3: Run Discord as an administrator

Launching Discord as an administrator can fix the issue of discord opening links in the wrong browser. After you run the app as an administrator, check if the links are opening properly in your default browser.

Fix 4: Log in on the web browser

If you are facing issues in opening the links in the Discord app, try the web-based version of Discord. Note that, every link you open in the web version, will spontaneously use the web browser you are already using.

Fix 5: Choose the default browser on your Discord mobile app

For Discord mobile app users, a default browser is already included in the mobile app.  So you can select a browser as per your desire.

How To Change Default Browser On Discord Mobile App

The discord mobile app users need to select a default browser to open links from the app and you can change discord default browser at any given time.

Steps to change discord default browser:-

  • Step 1: Launch the Discord application on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Next go to your profile
  • Step 3: Then tap on the “user settings” option
  • Step 4: From the settings tap on the “Web Browser” Option
  • Step 5: And from here select Your desired browser as Discord default Browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.: Why can’t I open links in Discord?

Ans.: There are two main reasons for this. The first one is that there is no default browser set on your device. The second possibility is that the link you are trying to access is suspicious and unsafe for your device. 

Q.2: How to change the Discord default browser from Firefox to Google Chrome?

Ans.: Suppose that you have set Firefox as your default web browser in Discord. And now you wish to change your Discord default browser from Firefox to Google Chrome, you can change it anytime.

Start Menu > Settings > Apps > Default apps > Web browser > Select Google Chrome

Now Google chrome has been set as your default browser and henceforth, Discord will open all links in Google Chrome.

Q.3: how to make discord open links in chrome Browser?

To make discord open links in chrome browser you need to set chrome as your discord default browser.

Final words

We hope that these simple tricks suggested here will help you resolve Discord not opening links. Whenever you encounter any such issues, try to implement the suggested tricks and solutions one by one. Then you can definitely spot the right solution to your problem.

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