How to add customize ringtone to iphone

Yes, it is possible to add customize ringtone to iphone with the help of itunes. If you don’t like your iphone’s ringtone or it sounds confusing in public and want to be stand out of the crowd or you want to personalise ringtone of your iphone then continue reading this article – “How to add customize ringtone to iphone”.

Requirement :-

This process does not need any technical skills to do so. There is very easy method to this task. You just need

  • windows os based laptop having latest itunes installed
  • data cable and,
  • obviously, Iphone

Steps to add customize ringtone to iphone :-

  1. Download ringtone which you want to add in your iphone. No matters which format it is whether mp3 or any other audio format.
  2. 2. Visit Zamzar to convert your ringtone to iphone compatible format(m4r). Iphone ringtone format is m4r.
    After opening the website
  • Step 1. put the file by choosing select a file or by just drag.
  • Step 2. click this box and select M4r from the list.
  • Step 3. enter your email id.
  • Step 4. click on this button.
  • Check your email and open the link as mention in below image.
  • Then click on download it as shown in below image.
  • Open itunes and connect your iphone to your laptop using data cable.And, now open Ringtone section same as mention in below image and

    now, Drag downloaded file to itunes.
    ow, in your iphone open Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > select your ringtone
  • Voila! it’s done.

Once you followed all the process properly your ringtone will be added in your iphone. Now, you can change/add any ringtone to your iphone.And, you can repeat this process for as many as ringtone you want for your iphone.
You can also,similarly make song as ringtone.

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