How To Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ Symbol On Android Iphone & PC

You are trying to type an E that looks like Backwards 3 and you want to form a symbol of heart like this Ɛ>.

But, You don’t know how to type like this Ɛ>

Am I right?

Well this also happened to me once when i tried to put a status on my facebook.

Backwards 3 Symbol

But then i learned the methods to type the backward 3 or reverse 3 as Ɛ

Here in this article we shared how to type backwards 3 on keyboard in PC, Android, iPhone or wherever you want to type.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get Started

Why Typing Backwards 3 As Ɛ Has Been So Popular?

Reverse 3 On phone and pc

Typing a backward 3 or reverse 3 which looks like E is becoming popular because it is primarily used in status, tweets, and messages shared on social media as a symbol to love as Ɛ> .

People in their messages use this symbol to look cool on social media and other platforms.

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Type Backwards 3 As E On Android Phone

Well there are no options available to type backward 3 symbols on android but worry not.

You can use reverse 3 symbol while typing texts on android and can make Ɛ symbol.

how to type backwards 3

For typing the backwards 3 in your tweets , Facebook posts or whats app chats go ahead and copy it from here Ɛ

This backward 3, “Ɛ” is now a cool way to make symbol of love and it is used to form  a heart symbol like this Ɛ> in social media.

Type Backwards 3 With ALT Code On PC

backwards 3 on keyboard
backwards 3 alt code

Follow the below given steps to make the backward 3 symbol as Ɛ using alt code :

  1. First of all, Turn On your PC and open any text application like MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel Etc.
  2. Now open a new blank Document.
  3. And there type 0190
  4. Next, Press ALT-X at the same time
  5. And boom it will transform 3 to symbol Ɛ

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How to Insert Backwards 3 In Documents

Another simple option is there to insert the backwards 3 symbol in your writings.

backwards 3 on keyboard

Just follow the simple procedure mentioned below to insert the backwards 3 symbol


  1. First, Turn On your PC.
  2. Now open any text application like MS word or Google Docs.
  3. Now open a new blank Document.
  4. Next from the menu section Click on the “Insert” Tab.
  5. Now look for the Symbol tab and click.
  6. On the next window you can see a long list of characters and symbols.
  7. Now from this list you can insert backwards 3 symbols Ɛ And many Other symbols.

Note: To get a big list of symbols you need use a standard windows font like Arial or Times New Roman.

Final Verdict

So, these were the methods to type reverse 3 on your phone and PC. If you found this article helpful let us know in the comment box.

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