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Idea Call History | Get Incoming & Outgoing Call Statement in Idea Prepaid & Postpaid

Sometimes we need the list of numbers called from our own number and in such cases its become very important top get the last call history statement of your mobile phone.

idea call history statement prepaid online

And with the evolution of technology nowadays it is very easy to collect our idea number call statement.

Just read the complete article and follow the steps to get your last call details.

You can get Idea number incoming call details by following below methods

  • Idea Last 5 Call History using USSD Code
  • Idea call details from Official Portal
  • Idea Last Call records From MyIdea App
  • Idea call history statement Through SMS
  • Idea incoming call details from customer care
  • Idea Call Details Using Call Recording Apps

 Idea Last 5 Call History Using USSD Code

Steps to check idea last 5 call details through ussd code:

  1. Open your dialpad and dial *121*4#
  2. Now, select My account option.
  3. Then, select option 3 for last 5 call details Click send and exit
  4. You will get pop up with idea last call details
  5. Now call 0 for more
Idea call history

Idea Call Details From Official Portal

idea call details
  1. Visit the Official website of the idea cellular click here
  2. Now go to the login page.
  3. Next in this page give the idea number for which you want to know the call details
  4. Enter the number and click on Request OTP
  5. After that  will be messaged to your mobile number.
  6. Next, enter that OTP and click Login
  7. After complete login you will be redirected to the dashboard.
  8. And from there check for the bell icon
  9. Now, Tap the bell icon to proceed to the next page.
  10. Now MY request page will open on the screen.
  11. And in the screen you will see 2 options- Requests & Complaints.
  12. Now select Request and click.
  13. Next, click on Prepaid Statement on mail and Press ok.
  14. After that put your email address and you will receive your idea last call history details in the pdf format in your email.
  15. Next check your email and download the pdf file.

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Idea Last Call Records From MyIdea App

idea last 5 call details
  1. First, go to the google play store and type Myidea App
  2. Then, download and install the app on your phone.
  3. Now, Open it and enter your 10 digit Idea mobile number.
  4. Next, You will receive an OTP on your phone.
  5. Then, enter the OTP and submit.
  6. Now, Go to My Account section.
  7. Here, You can see your Account details like recharge history, call history etc.
  8. From here, Click on Call History option to see your idea outgoing call details.

Idea Call History Statement Through SMS

In this method, you don’t need to visit the official website or don’t need to downloadany app.

Just open your message app, send a message from your idea number and they will send you your idea call history details through SMS.

Follow the below-given steps exactly to get your idea last call details


  1. Open your messenger and type  EBill<SPACE>first 3 alphabets of the month.
  2. Then, send it to 12345
  3. Eg- EBill JUL and Send to 12345

And your idea last call details will be sent on your registered email id.

ideal calll history through SMS

If your email is not registered with your idea number yet you can use the below given steps to register your email id with your midea number.

Steps to link email id with idea number-

  1. Open your messenger and type emailid<space>Email Id .
  2. Then, send it to 12345
  3. Eg- Emailid [email protected] and Send to 12345

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Idea Last Call Statement From Idea Customer Care

You can contact idea Customer Care or visit your nearest idea store and ask for a statement to get the call records as they have the whole data of your calls.

idea call records

If you contact customer care they may charge some amount which will be added to your bill if you are a postpaid user or your balance will be deducted if you are a prepaid user.

Idea Call Details Using Call Recording Apps

There are other simple tricks you can use to keep track of the incoming and outgoing call details of your Idea number by yourself.

idea call check history

If you do this small thing it will help you for a long time and you will not need to depend on others to get your own Idea last 5 or 10 call history details.

Follow the below mentioned steps 

  1. First, Visit the google Playstore and Search “Automatic Call Recorders
  2. Then, Download a Call Recorder App with Positive Reviews and a high rating.
  3. That’s it After you Activate the App Settings your Calls will be automatically Recorded.
  4. The recording will contain the mobile number and time of calling.
  5. And that way you can keep an eye on your idea last call details.


Thats how you can check your idea incoming call details through different methods. If you have any doubts please ask in the comment box.


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