Insufficient Storage Available Problem In Android [Solved]

At some point of time everyone of us comes across the problem of “insufficient storage available” or “memory full” message.

And this is obviously not the message you want to see popping up on the display of your android phone especially not when you are trying to capture photo or video of some beautiful moments of your life .

In android devices things like cache and app data slowly build up as you as you use your device which in turn decreases available storage capacity on your phone over a period of time .

No matter how much storage you have you will always be pressed for more space.

There are a different number of tricks you can try to free up some spaces on your device and you can be clicking photos videos of the great moments of your life.

5 Ways To Solve Insufficient Storage Available Problem In Android

Here are some quick tips that work on most of the android devices

1: Delete App Cache And App Data

Many android apps use stored or cached data to give a better experience .cached (temporary data that helps the app work faster) files are little bits of data stored by apps every time you use them .which however over a period of time collect alarmic amount of cached data .so if you looking up to free up some storage clearing out these old files are a good idea.

To clear these files go to settings >>apps you will now see two options for each one –clear data and clear cache. Tap on those two options.

Please note clearing the data means you will lose the existing data on that app.

eg – if you clear the data of facebook so when next time you open facebook app you have to log in again.

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2: Delete Apps You Are Not Using

I’m pretty sure you have some apps on your phone you have never taped on. So are there any apps that you don’t or never use just gathering dust on your phone .Certain apps sometimes take up big chunks of space and you can delete that app if you don’t use the app .

Open the settings and then tap storages and then apps to see the biggest culprit in terms of taking space on your phone. You can’t uninstall apps from there though to do so go to settings>>apps then find that culprit and then uninstall it.

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3: Use Google Photos

If you don’t want to delete photos and videos permanently ,ust get it off your phone.unfortunately google photos does a great ob to this .Google photos lets you backup an unlimited number of high quality photos up to 16 megapixels and you can back up every single photo you take with your android phone directly to google photos. Once your photos are backed up you can delete them from your phone to free up some space .

To take the advantage you need to have google photos “back up & sync ” feature turned on. To turn on this feature go to settings>>>backup and sync.

4.Moves Apps To Micro SD Card

If your phone offers the microSD option and you are low on space make full use of the adoptable storage option to expand the storage available on your phone .

To move some of your storage sucking apps to microSD card go to settings>>apps now tap on the app you want to move and then you will see an option storage tap on storage>>change>>external sd card and successfully you moved your space taking app to external SD card.

5.Install Lite Apps

The android developers make two variants of apps: the normal apps and the lite apps .Not every app but popular apps such as facebook youtube have their lite variants.lite apps consume less space as well as internet .moving to these apps would help to free up some device storage.

So these were some tips on how you can free up your device storage .If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends ,family members,colleagues because sharing is caring and don’t forget to comment ,your comments motivate us to do more.

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