JAM Session Topics 2022 | 150+Topics With Answers

Are you looking for JAM Topics to complete the JAM Session in an interview ?

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You’re on the right blog because in this post I am going to share some common Jam session topics asked in interviews with their answers and sharing some tips to crack the JAM Round.

I know you are quite nervous about this round and before going to the interview you want to prepare yourself for the JAM Session.

Dont worry!!

I am here with hundreds of jam topic ideas that are asked in the interviews and you can practice these topics before going to the interview.

Furthermore, I am listing some Do’s and Dont’s to excel in the JAM Session.

But before that lets understand what exactly the JAM Round means…

Here is The Exact Outline Of what you gonna learn in this guide

What Is JAM Session / Round In Interviews ?

JAM (Just A Minute) Round is a session where a person is given a topic in that moment or asked to choose a topic on their own to speak for 1 minute.

Sometimes the candidates are asked before to prepare a topic to speak for 1 minute.

jam topics

In every Job interview the interviewer do this JAM Session to see how the candidates overcome the situation and how they start and speak about a topic.

This JAM Round helps the intervewer to judge and observe the candidate on various factors such as

  • General speaking skill
  • Smartness
  • Flow of thoughts
  • Confidence
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Spoken English and Fluency
  • Flow of speech etc….

So these are the points that the interviewer look for in the JAM seesion.

Next i am giving you some tips and tricks to you need to follow to excel in the Interview.

Some Do’s and Don’ts in JAM Session

Here , i m mentioning some do,s and dont’s so lets check

Do’s In the JAM Round

  1. Smile – Start with a big smile beacuse it reflects a positive attitude. Before starting the Jam round or when you enter give a big charming smile.
  2. Start or end with Thanking note.
  3. Have a positive Attitude.
  4. Use Simple English – Construct simple sentences with simple vocubulary.
  5. Make short sentences.
  6. Use proper & correct grammer.
  7. Speak in a clear and Audible voice.
  8. Use ‘KISS” Principle. Means Keep It Short Simple formula.
  9. Practice daily and before going to the interview.
  10. Practice general simple topics everyday.

Don’ts in JAM Session

  1. Dont be nervous.
  2. Dont make fake stories of your own.
  3. Explain with Facts
  4. Have a proper ending
  5. dont take too long pauses while speaking.

Some Evergreen JAM Topics 2022 For Interview | JAM Session Topics

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Global Warming
  • Social Media
  • Child Labour
  • Pollution
  • Illiteracy In India
  • Corruption In India
  • Wi-Fi
  • Women Empowerment
  • Facebook
  • Demonetisation
  • Role model
  • Time management
  • Newspaper
  • GST
  • Corruption
  • Internet
  • Movies
  • Nature
  • College Days
  • Education System In India
  • Inmportance Of Communication Skills
  • Education Qualifications For Politicians
  • Social Networking
  • Public Speaking
  • Best advice I ever received
  • Trees
  • Politics
  • Actor you admire
  • Cricketer you admire

Latest JAM Topics on Technology

  • Wireless charging
  • Wi-Fi
  • Digital pen
  • GSM based voting machine
  • Benefits of Solar Tree
  • Will Robots replace Humans One day?
  • VoLTE Service
  • Benefits of 5G Services
  • Ebooks Vs Paper Books
  • Why do you love/ hate WhatsApp?
  • About Android smartphone
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Automatic Street light

JAM Topics For B.Tech / Engineering Students

  • What Engineers aim for after b.tech?
  • Engineers are standing out in other professions. What are your views?
  • Does Debate in the Engineering Campus help or not?
  • Engineering or Medical which one is better?
  • Your goals, expectations, ideas etc
  • The one change you want to bring to Indian Education System.
  • Your Opinion on Current Affairs(opinion on any running national or regional issues)
  • Social Media Sites and Its Impacts on students.
  • Impact of Startup.
  • Education Stress on Engineering Students.
  • Government Job Vs Private Job.

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Common JAM Topics 2022 With Answers

JAM On Environment

Environment is the natural surroundings of us. The trees, lakes,oceans, animals are part of it. It is a Beautiful gift to us by the universe and the universe has given it to us in a beautiful natural way.

But as human beings we are destroying it day by day. We are using it in the name of industrial use and urban use, cutting the trees to make space for industry, Destroying forests.

jam topic on environment

Furthermore, The huge industries releases smokes into the sky that we people and animals breathe. We ignore to purify the environment and release those toxic fluids into rivers, oceans and lakes.

We humans are Destroying the nature because of their greed and recklessness.

To survive in this planet we must protect the environment and its elements.We must learn from our mistakes and protect it for the future generation.Otherwise we are heading into killing ourselves. People must give our priority to restore it.

We need to modify our developmental ways to protect it and need to ensure no damage to the environment while using its natural resources and adopt some ways and treat it generously.

Then we will able to save it for our better future and a better world for the upcoming generation.

JAM Session On Global Warming

Global warming is the rise of temperature in the earth atmosphere. It is due to the climate change but it is mainly due to the human cause.

The excessive use of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide is the main reason of global warming.

jam session topic on globaln warming

The effect of global warming includes rising sea level, extreme heat waves, regional climate change.


The effects of global warming on environment is far reaching.They includes ocean weather and ice. The glacier are shrinking rapidly due to global warming.

The sea level rising dangerously and the regional weather change is noticeable in many region’s.

Effect on Human:

The effects of on human due to climate change increasing regularly. The crop production will hit a negative number due to global warming.

Some regions of Africa having severe poverty due to loss at crop production. Public health is at great Risk.

Due to heat waves and constant climate change the death toll is Rising.

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JAM On Social Media

Social media is the most popular thing of 21st century. It changes the lives of new generation. Users generally connect with social media via computers ,laptops and mobile apps.

jam on social media

It gives them a easy way to interact and communicate with vast number of Peoples.

Social media with more than 100 million users are facebook, whatsapp, youtube, instagram, wechat etc.

A teenager can access to a high profile celebrity through social media.

The celebrities, authors,politician can share their thoughts and opinions via social media among their fans.

It became so easy that people can connect with anyone around the world and share their thoughts,change their views about something,learning new ways to approach lives. It helps people to fight their anxiety depression by sharing it. But it has some negative impacts too because of excessive use.

Nowadays Most of the teenager waste their valueable time on instagram,snapchat, Facebook by using it excessively.

One of the most negative impact of it is spreading false information, news. Most of the people do not fact check and share it without second thought and that become viral.

Just A Minute Topics On Child Labour

Children under the age of 14 that works is known as child labour.

Children working in many industries, hotels, shops and unable to continue their childhood fully labelled as child labour .

jam topic on child labour

Due to their work they can’t attend school regularly,can’t spend their time playing with their friends.

It harm them mentally and physically.

Child labour is marked as illegal by many organisations, govt and the society.

It is a illegal activity which directly affect the society. The organisationa and government continuously working to minimise the child labour. They are imposing fine and taking strict action against those who employ child in their industries,shops.

Child labour is harmful activity and everyone must ensure that all the child gets what they deserve.

JAM On Pollution

Pollution Simply Means making the environment dirty and impure.Pollution distord the environmental and natural balance of the Earth. It is not a national but global problem.

JAM On Pollution

Pollution is mainly of 3 types

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Sound Pollution

Making the surrounding air impure is air pollution. Modern developments creating air pollution. Smokes from industires, vehicles and dusts pollute the air

Making the water dirty and impure is known as water pollution. Industrial wastages make is the main cause of water pollution And which make it impure to drink and other activities

Too much noise from industires vehicles dj sounds are creating sound Pollution.

Pollution puts a negative effect on both human and animals . Water and air pollution can cause diseases to human and animals.

Furthermore acid rains and global warming are the results of pollution.

We humans in the name of modernization causing too much pollution which will kill us one day.


  • We should not through waste materials on water
  • We should not use polythene
  • Tress must be planted in large numbers
  • Industires should be intrsucted to control their wastage and smokes.
  • Reuse reduce and recycling can lower the pollution
  • We can stop the pollution by using eco friendly resources

Human life is very precious and it must be kept safe by lowering the pollution or it will be very difficult to survive in the polluted earth.

JAM On Education

Education plays an important role in sharping our life and career we all know the importance of education in a person’s life it help us becoming a better human.

JAM On Education

It not only opens jobs opportunity but also makes a person more civilized and social. It is very important in life it enhance our knowledge and develop confidence and helps in building personality of a person and helps to discover our skills.

Proper education creates lots of ways to go ahead in life.

Education is must for both men and women equally as both together make a healthy and educated society. In today’s world competatiion is raising day to by and it has become necessary to get educated for getting jobs and good position in a society.

Indian Government is doing many efforts to remove illeteracy by providing free education for the people who can’t not bear high expanses of education.

It is the education that only can make the nation’s future bright.

JAM On Illiteracy In India

JAM On Illiteracy In India

Illiteracy is the inability of a person to read and write.

Illiteracy in India has always been a mjor issue leading to some of the major problems of Indian society such as

  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Child labour
  • And population explosion

India is the second largest populated country and it’s illeteracy rate is also high. Altough many inititices and measures are taken by govt have reduced illeteracy to a high extend still 287 million people in India are illeterate.

Poverty is one of the foremost problems faced by India for ages and it become the root cause of the widespread of illeteracy in India.

Gender and social discrimination is another reason for the illeteracy in India.

Many steps are taken by govt. to reduce the illeteracy in India . Inititives like right to education, sarv shiksha abhiyan are taken to give the free preliminary education in the country.

To overcome this problem of illeteracy rate in India people need to be aware of the illeteracy problem and active participation from society itself is essential to address the probels of illeteracy in India.

JAM On Corruption In India

Corruption is the misuse of authory or position to acquire personal benefits.

It has become great issue in the society in India there has been a trend of give and take means give some money in order to get your work done wheather in govt offices or private sectors.

And now the condition is getting worse and worse.

Corruption has been spread like an disease All over india. Corruption is everywhere in every department such as hospitals education etc.

Everything has become bussiness and source of earning money in wrong way.

It is very shamefully that India ranks 3 in the highly corrupted counties.

There are many causes of corruption in India. Some of main reasons are greedy and corrupt politicians, nature of human beings.

People have a thurst of luxuary and comfort and as a result they make money by improper ways.

Besides, another main reason is that Salaries of emloyes are very less and as a result they are forced to earn money by illegal ways.

Corruption has retorted economic development of our country. It has created violence and lawlessness in the society. It increased black money In the country.

The worthy and skill full candiadtes are not getting jobs due to the corruption.

Our India will be corruption free when our leaders will be free from greediness and use their power in the right direction to lead the country.

Frequently Asked Questions About JAM Topics & Session

What are just a minute topics?

Just a Minute topics are general topics that are asked to speak about for one minute in interviews.

What do you speak in jam?

In the JAM Session The interviewer may give you any topic at that moment or asked before to prepare a topic of your own to speak in that moment for 1 minute.

Why is it called a jam session?

It is called a jam session because in the jam round the candidates are given only one minute to speak about the topic.

What is interview jam session?

Interview JAM Seesion is a round where the candidates are given a topic to speak for a minute. Interviewer do this session to check their confidence, communication skill and to see how they speak and express their idea on a topic.

How do I start a jam session?

Start the jam session with confidence and thanking note.


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