How To Mute Discord On OBS? 5 Methods

When you stream live, you rapidly learn that anything that occurs on your computer may end up showing up on your broadcast by accident. While it’s easy to dismiss any windows or online browser tabs so you don’t display the public internet your bank account information, sound is more difficult because you’re frequently streaming in-game audio or a library.

One of the most prevalent causes is Discord alerts, which are frequently ignored when you’re getting ready to go live but will buzz away for all your spectators to overhear. To avoid this issue, let’s look at how to mute Discord on OBS.

How To Add Discord Audio On OBS?

You’ve probably already added the Discord sounds to your OBS streams. If you’re unfamiliar with the OBS system and are inquiring how to integrate discord audio to your stream, these are the steps you may take.

  1. To begin, run the OBS programme on your PC or laptop and wait a few seconds.
  2. Pick the scene to which you wish to add the sound in the OBS programme.
  3. To continue, click the (+) button in the lower – left corner of the Sources window.
  4. On the following page, select “Audio Output Capture” and sit tight a few seconds.
  5. A new pop-up window will appear, asking you whether you want to establish a new origin or use an existing one.
  6. Choose the “Create New Source” tab and label it Discord for easy viewing.
  7. To move ahead, on the following page, click the dropdown menu and pick the “Discord” option.
  8. Make sure to save your modifications and you’re done!!

After you save the adjustments, you will be able to hear your Discord friends on OBS. This manner, you can easily add Obs Discord sound to your stream using OBS anytime you wish.

Reasons to Mute Discord on OBS

In the haste to make everything perfect before hitting the Go Live button, it’s easy to overlook a little detail like your Discord alerts. Despite the fact that it is a faint sound, it can soon irritate your viewers. Before I silenced my Discord, a handful of viewers reported that their own Discord alerts were rolling off as they were watching me broadcast! So, when you go live, distance yourself from the amateurs by muting your Discord.

There are also a lot of efficient methods to utilise Discord to your benefit, and it is frequently helpful to have Discord running on your streaming PC in order to connect with your audience in certain ways. It is critical to evaluate which of the three techniques listed above is best for how you stream.

Learn how to mute Discord audio on OBS in the section below.

How to Mute Discord Audio?

There are 4 simple ways to mute Discord on stream. The first is the simplest one which is to close Discord entirely.

To learn how to mute Discord on OBS, read the 4 methods given below thoroughly.

4 Methods and Step-by-step Ways to Mute

Method 1: Closing Discord Entirely

Find the Discord logo in the Windows tray, right click on it, and select Quit Discord. Nevertheless, there are several good reasons to keep your Discord server operating. In some cases, you may want active viewers to give you direct messages. Perhaps you’re organising a community game and just want users to join a Discord channel to participate. There are much more simple ways to silence Discord on your broadcast, for whatever reason.

Method 2: Muting Notifications

By following this method, you will learn how to mute Discord while streaming.

If you simply want to learn how to mute Discord on OBS, you can do the following:

Step 1: Open up the Discord app

Step 2: Look for your avatar in the bottom-left corner and tap the Settings taskbar icon to the right of your username.

Step 3: Click on Notifications located in the left sidebar.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom to Sounds and uncheck the sound you want to silence separately. For instance, we just silence Message alerts because they are by far the most often played sound, and we didn’t want sound alerts on Discord to play even when we weren’t broadcasting. You’ll want to utilise Streamer Mode to silence Discord solely when streaming.

Method 3: Using Streamer Mode

Streamer Mode is a wonderful tool for whenever you want to deactivate a few Discord features while you’re live but still use the app usually. Let us just look at how to put it up.

Step 1: Open up the Discord app

Step 2: Look for your avatar in the bottom-left corner and tap the Settings taskbar icon to the right of your username.

Step 3: Click on Streamer Mode located in the left sidebar.

Step 4: Check any features you want to use when you activate Streamer Mode under the Options section. If you wish to completely disable noises, tick the box to the side of Disable Sounds.Step 5: Once you’re ready to go live, select the Enable Streamer Mode checkbox at the top of the Streamer Mode settings screen.

Step 5: Once you’re ready to go live, select the Enable Streamer Mode checkbox at the top of the Streamer Mode settings screen.

Step 6: Since you ‘re using OBS, you may have Streamer Mode activated or deactivated automatically whenever the OBS application is active.

Method 4: Discord Customer Care

You may contact Discord Customer Care in the following ways:

  1. You may contact Discord direct support using their web forms for developers and users, or email at [email protected].
  2. Developers may use the Game Dev “Submit a request” option to contact Discord about a specific issue.
  3. You can also contact them via Twitter


How to mute Discord on Streamlabs OBS?

While live streaming, you can face problems if the buzz sound is in the background. So to mute Discord on Streamlabs OBS, you can do it with 3 methods, i.e., by using Streamer Mode, closing Discord entirely or muting Discord notifications.


Because so many streaming communities are created around it, Discord is a popular programme for streamers. Because OBS is very simple to use, many broadcasters rely on it on a daily basis. However, when there are a lot of choices and sliders on the software interface, it is easy to become disoriented. We hope you were successful in muting Discord in OBS. If you get off course, you can refer to the screenshots given.

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