10 Ways To Fix Rythm Bot Not Working Issue

Do you know, Rythm bot is the most loved bot in Discord? It is widely used by server owners and moderators both, to play music, share videos, watch memes, and much more!

It can be made an administrator of the server or can be used for commands. And the best part is you don’t need to open any other music playback application to play music on your voice channel. 

It supports multiple music streaming services such as Twitch, SoundCloud, and  YouTube and makes your game time even more fun. However many times it doesn’t function well and users report errors and issues of the Rythm bot not working properly in Discord.

If you are also facing the same issues, we are here to help you. If you are thinking why isn’t Rythm bot not working, here you will find all the solutions to fix the issues you are currently facing with the Rythm bot and improve your experience.

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10 Ways To Fix The Rythm Bot Not Working

Check the volume of the bot

This is one of the most obvious reasons for the Rythm bot not working correctly on your server. And to resolve, all you need to do is right-click on the Rythm bot in the user list and check the user volume. If it is already soaring, next is to check your and fellow members’ device volume. 

If still, the problem persists, try other solutions to resolve it.

Make sure the Rythm bot is not muted by the server

Sometimes the admin of the bot mutes the member/s on the server. If this is the case, you will see a muted red microphone icon near the bot. If you are the server owner do it yourself and in case you are not the server owner or the moderator then ask the admin to uncheck the ‘Mute’ and ‘Server Mute’ options.

Check the audio settings on the Computer or Discord app

Maybe the audio settings of the Discord app or your computer are not appropriate. Check that you’ve selected the right audio output. Like while using your earphones, ensure that the speakers are not in use.

To verify the sound and audio settings of the computer, check the volume levels displayed on the taskbar of your computer. 

Similarly, for the Discord app sound and audio settings, click on the gear icon, go to ‘Voice & Video’ under ‘App Settings’, and check the volume and the output device.

Verify whether the Rythm bot is online or offline

Sometimes due to maintenance or unexpected outages, the Rythm Bot server goes offline from time to time. All you need to do is to check the ‘outages’ channel on the Discord server. For this Type ‘!invite’ and select the ‘Official Discord’ option. Here you can check ‘#outages’ for updates and can find out if the Rythm Bot is currently having any outages.

Also, the Rythm bot is not available all across the day. Only the premium version of the bot is available all the time. And the bot goes offline from time to time. This can be easily verified by the green dot present next to the Rythm bot name. 

Check the playlist want to play

The Rythm bot plays the unchanging playlists efficiently. Although, it faces issues while playing a YouTube Mix playlist. Therefore, check the requested playlist you have asked the Rythm bot to play. This could be the major reason for the Rythm bot not working

Check if the Rythm bot has forgotten your playlist!

Sometimes, while leaving the voice channel, Rythm resets or clears the queues. As a result of this, the functioning of the Rythm bot gets disrupted. So we recommended making a Spotify or YouTube playlist of the songs.

Check the prefix you have entered while conveying the message to the Rythm bot

To make the Rythm bot work smoothly, it is very important to use the correct commands. In the Rythm bot, all the commands need to be entered with the prefix ‘!’. So make sure that you are using the right command. Like to play music, type ‘!play ‘.

Verify if the Rythm bot has permission to read and send messages 

You need to make sure if the Rythm bot has all the necessary permission to read and send all the messages in the channel. You can do this by granting the administrator permission to Rythm. 

Rejoin channel if Rythm bot is still not working

If none of the above-suggested solutions has still not fixed the Rythm bot not working, this would be the last attempt you could do, to fix the issue. Leave the channel and rejoin it and check if the bot works now. 

After applying all the mentioned solutions, if nothing happens and still the issue persists, try contacting Rythm’s support helpdesk to receive assistance from the support team member.

How to fix Rythm bot not responding

If the Rythm bot is not responding to your commands, you need to try the following:

  • Make sure that you have used the correct prefix, to give the command to the Rythm bot.
  • Make sure that the bot is online. If it is offline, remove and re-add the Rythm bot to your server.  
  • Check whether the Rythm bot has the required administrator’s permission to read and send messages in the channel.

How to fix Rythm bot no sound

If the Rythm bot is not providing any sound, you need to try the following:

  • Most of the time, the reason for no sound coming from the Rythm bot is that the volume of the bot is set to 0. So check on the volume bar and ensure that the volume is in full mode.
  • Make sure that the Rythm bot is not ‘Server Muted’.
  • Check the volume settings of your computer and the Discord app and make sure that you have selected the right output device for your computer.

How to fix Rythm bot not playing my music

If the Rythm bot is not playing your music, check the following:

  • Rhythm bot cannot play private playlists. So make sure that the playlist you want to play is either public or unlisted. 
  • Sometimes, Rythm leaves the voice channel while not playing anything. This helps in saving resources, while no one is listening to it. Just give the command ‘!summon’ to rejoin your channel. 
  • Many times Rythm forgets the playlist after it leaves the voice channel. This is done for better performance. So, always create your playlists on YouTube or Spotify.

How to fix the Rythm bot failed to load

In spite of all your efforts to fix the Rythm bot not working and failing to load, we recommend leaving the channel and rejoin it and check if the Rythm bot is working correctly now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Why Rythm bot does not play my playlist?

Ans.: This may happen because the Rythm bot can not play the ‘private’ playlists. So if you want Rythm to play your playlist, make it ‘public’ or ‘unlisted’.  Also always create your playlists on YouTube or Spotify.

Q.2: Does Rythm bot work with SoundCloud?

Ans.: Yes, Rythm supports playback from SoundCloud. You need to type “!Soundcloud song’s name“, and Rythm will play the top result from SoundCloud. 

Q.3: Why is Rythm bot offline?

Ans.: The Rythm bot may go offline because of maintenance or unexpected outages. Just go to the Discord server and check the ‘outages’ channel and find out if it is currently having any outages.


In this article, we have tried to help you with the possible reasons as well as solutions to repair the issues related to the Rythm bot not working

We recommend following the solutions in an orderly manner to fix the issue. 

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