How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord 2022

Want to know if someone blocked you on Discord? Well, dive into this article to find out some methods. 

Discord is a social platform that allows you to communicate with your friends, group, or other users that share your interests. Discord includes features comparable to other chat services, but it also allows everyone on your server to directly message you.

People that share a connection with you can send you direct messages and or even call you while using the Discord app.

If you want to learn how to know if someone blocked you on Discord, read on.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Discord?

If someone blocked you on Discord, you can know it by following these key points:

You Will Not be Able to chat

You may be blocked when you’re unable to connect with others. You’ll still be able to see any previous chats you’ve had with this individual, but you won’t be able to answer or start a new one.

When anyone blocks you, the application will not notify you, but you will see that you can no longer send or receive messages with them.

If you observe this, it’s better to move on and just let it go. You would only be able to see earlier messages since the chat thread will be dimmed.

You will Get a strange text

If you send somebody a text on Discord and they respond with a message saying they only accept messages from friends, you have most likely been blocked.

This is a rather basic error notice that informs you that you must share a server or be connected with the person. If you used to communicate with them, there’s a significant probability you’ve been blocked.

You’ve undoubtedly been blocked if you send somebody a text and your screen jerks and an odd message appears telling you the text didn’t go through.

You will not be in their friends list

When you block somebody on Discord, you will be removed from their list of friends.

When you block someone, they are immediately removed from your list of friends. You can add them again, but they won’t be able to connect with you for the time being.

They can, however, see when you are active and have accessibility to your previous conversations.

On Discord, there are additional ways to mute someone. You have the option to silence them, which is comparable to blocking them. This only functions in the Discord voice channel, and it will block this user from speaking while still allowing them to hear what you’re saying.

How to Block someone on Discord?

  • Step 1: Open Discord app
  • Step 2: Select the Server from where you want to ban an user
  • Step 3: On the right side of the screen, you will see all the Online and Offline members.
  • Step 4: Now, right click on the Username of the member whom you want to block
    If the member is irritating, you can also mute them by simply clicking on Mute from the same list.
  • Step 5: After clicking on Block, you will get a popup message to confirm your selection. Click on Block again.

How to Unblock someone on Discord?

To unblock an user, just right click on the Username and select Unblock

This will unblock the member, and you can start chatting again.


Q. If I block someone in Discord can they see my messages?

Ans. Yes, they can see the previous texts and when you’re online

Q. What does it look like when someone blocks you on Discord?

Ans. You will be unable to chat with the person. Along with this, you will get a text saying “Your message could not be delivered”. You will also be removed from his friend list.

Q. If I block someone in Discord will they know?

Ans. Yes, they can know if they follow the right methods.

Q. If I block someone in Discord can they hear me?

Ans. No, they won’t hear you if you block them

Q. What does a blocked Discord message look like?

Ans. You will get a message saying “Your message could not be delivered”

Q. What does blocking on Discord do?

Ans. Blocking on Discord removes the user from your friendlist. You won’t be able to chat with that person.

Q. What message do you get when you are blocked on Discord?

Ans. You will get a message saying “Your message could not be delivered”


We hope that you have learnt how to tell if someone blocked you on Discord. You can block or unblock an user by following the simple steps given in this article. If you don’t want to block the user, you can also mute him/her to ignore the text spams.

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