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Are you looking for the best textsheet alternatives in 2022 to complete your homework and assignments? Then you are on the right blog.

Here in this article, we have a list of the best sites like textsheet where you get answers to your homework and assignments for free of cost.

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What Is TextSheet.com?

Textsheet.com was very popular among school and college students because it helped the students do the school and college work like homework, assignments, and other tasks quickly and for free of cost.

Textsheet.com was helping the students solve their homework and completing the assigned tasks without making any efforts. The Website gained a lot of popularity among the students in a brief period because they could easily find answers to their homework.

The Website became one of the most visited academic answer sites on the web. Millions of students worldwide used this online platform to save time and complete their tasks on time.

How Does The Textsheet Worked?

The website operated as a search engine to find answers. They were collecting answers from different answers providing database sites using API technology.

Students typed and searched the question in textsheet.com, and it will come up with the answers from different answers databases on the web.

What Happened To Textsheet?

The textsheet was providing free homework, assignment solutions to students so the students could solve their homework problems without any effort.

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And as the website was getting popular day by day, they were copying and providing answers from different paid answers providing sites like chegg and later chegg send them the DMCA copyright violations.

According to news updates, the textsheet.com website is banned due to copyright infringements, which led to the complete shutdown of the website.

16 Best Textsheet Alternative For Students In 2022

Here are the list of Best Textsheet Alternatives for the students to solve their homework and assignments. Some of these textsheet alternatives are free to use and some of them are paid(minimal price) and they are free from any kind of malwares.


Slader is a super trendy education website among the students to complete home assignments and Homework. It works perfectly as an alternative to Textsheet.com and provides textbook answers for middle school, high school, and college students for free or minimal cost.

Here you will get answer keys, handwritten notes, and equations of commonly used textbooks from the experts. Slader provides solutions for math, science, history, English, world languages, economics, geography, and more.

Slader contains millions of textbook questions and provides step-by-step solutions to the textbook questions to understand the concepts better.

The slader app is available for android and IOS, and windows marketplaces.

All you need to download the App on your phone and scan your textbook barcode or search your textbook’s title and slader will provide the solutions.


  • Provide students step-by-step solutions.
  • Answers are provided by subject experts from all over the world.
  • It lets you scan the textbook barcode to find solutions.
  • The Website/App user interface is spotless and easy to use.
  • Available for both android and ios.
  • Free to use. ( 2$ for ad-free version)


School Solver

School solver is a popular textbook answer-sharing website among the students. And it is another best alternative to textsheet.com.

Whether you want help in solving your homework or want to earn some extra cash by sharing your notes and knowledge, then School solver is the website to go.

To get your answers, you only have to post your questions, and tutors from various backgrounds will provide step-by-step explanations to your problem. It provides solutions for multiple subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

The best aspect of the School solver website is that you will get itemized step-by-step solutions to the question by the master tutors.


  • Get step by step explanation of the questions by the master tutors.
  • Covering all subjects.
  • Pay according to your budget.
  • You can complete full courses with tutors.
  • You can earn money by tutoring on this site.
  • Get answers to the questions or complete assignments at a low price.


Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning platform with 40 million course-specific study materials.

It serves as one of the best alternatives to Textsheet.com, which provides homework and assignment solutions to students contributed by a community of students and educators.

Here you can quickly find the resources and answers for your homework and assignments and subjects learning in the classroom.

It is a freemium service; you can use course hero for free by contributing from your side by sharing notes, solving questions. Otherwise, to use course hero, you need to buy their subscription.


  •  The website Contains millions of course-specific study resources.
  •  Easy to use for both students and tutors.
  • It Contains a summarized infographic section.
  • Allows you to see sample papers and exemplars.
  •  Get step-by-step explanations.


Studylib (Study Library)

Study lib is a similar site to textsheet.com and provides solved assignments and homework solutions to the students.

It offers solutions and answers to the subjects such as Maths, Science, Social Science, Business, Engineering and Technology and many more.

You can easily download the answers on your Phone directly from the homepage of the website. Also, you can upload and share your notes and solved assignments on this site to help other students.

This learning platform is free, and you can access this website from your Phone or PC.


  • Let you Download solved Answers on your Phone easily.
  • It is free to use.
  • You can upload your notes to help other students.
  • Easy to use.



Chegg is another popular alternative to textsheet and also the reason for its shutdown. Chegg is a well-known education platform founded way back in 2005.

Chegg lets you ask questions and receive answers from the tutors. Along with the live Q&A features, they contain millions of already solved problems and home assignments of different subjects.

Chegg also provides online and private tutoring; along with asking questions, you take a full-time tutor who will guide you to complete your syllabus.

Using this website, you can rent books on any subject at a low price.

It provides solutions and assignments to various subjects like sociology, accounting, biology, history, law, religion and veterinary education, and many more.


  • Rent and buy books at a low price.
  • Create & save flashcards.
  • 24/7 online tutors and support.
  • Scholarships for students.
  • Provide textbook solutions and expert Q&A.



SparkNotes is a study guide website that is popular among students.

This website study guides are top-rated resources that help students understand books. These guides help to complete the homework and solve their assignments, and students use these guides for exams.

The website was started long back in 1999 as literary guides. Still, they have covered history, math, biology, and many other subjects in the later time.

The SparkNotes app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


  • Provide Hundreds of study guides online.
  • You can download the guides on your phone.
  • Provide a search option to search any guide.
  • Provide test preparation service.



If you are busy doing some work and cannot complete your assignment on time, then Paperhelp is for you.

Paperhelp is another best alternative to textsheet, which helps students finish their /homework/assignments/papers before the deadline.

It has been working for the students’ good since 2008 and delivers good work to the students.

Whether you are a school student or a Ph.D. student, you can use paperhelp to write and complete your papers and assignments before time.

The price for professional assignment/ paper writing services of Paperhelp starts from just $10 and up to $ 24 per page.


  • Write Plagiarism-free papers.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • They Provide academic, business, or personal writing.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Write My Paper Hub

Writemypaperhub is another alternative to textsheet.com




Khan Academy



Book finder


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