Top 20 Best Discord Themes [ Better Discord Themes] In 2022

Without a question, the Discord app is one of the most popular applications for communication in the gaming community.

But When it comes to Discord themes, the offical Discord app does not provide much options except for switching from dark to bright background.

In this case, Better Discord – a modified version of the software becomes your friend and can help you to change the look and feel of your discord app.

This modified app support the theme feature and You have several attractive and fascinating better discord theme choices to change the appearance of the app.

In this post, we will show you a compiled list of best Better Discord themes in 2022 available in the library to make your discord interface a beautiful one.

But before that, let’s go through the steps to learn how to install better discord themes.

Let’s get started!

How to install Better Discord themes?

To install better discord themes, the first thing you will need to have is the better discord app on your device. If you already have better discord app installed on your PC that’s great, you can continue to next part of installing better discord theme.

But if you have not downloaded the better discord App yet on your PC, then the first thing you need to do is download and install the better discord software on your PC by clicking here and then continue with the next part.

To download and install a Better Discord theme, you can follow the steps given below:

  • First and foremost, you have to go to Better Discord themes library to explore a wide range of beautiful themes.
  • Now, choose a theme according to your liking.
  • After that, click on Download and wait for it to finish.
  • Next, Launch the Better Discord application on your computer
  • Now, click on User Settings located at the bottom of the screen
  • Now, scroll to the bottom of the drop down list and click on Themes under BANDAGED BD
  • After that, click on the Open Theme Folder option.
  • Now you will have to copy and paste the downloaded theme into the subfolder.
  • After that, you may refresh Better Discord by hitting Ctrl + R. Better Discord should now have the theme.

Boom! You have finally installed your favorite Better Discord theme on your app.

Top 20 Better Discord Themes in 2022

As we have learned how to install a better Discord theme by following the steps given above, it’s time for us to proceed on to our primary topic: the “Best Better Discord Themes” and try out some exciting themes.

Below, we will present you to the top 20 Better Discord themes, so without further ado, let’s have a peek at them.

1. The BasicBackground Theme

The Basic Background is one of the most appealing themes on Better Discord. This theme is straightforward but attractive. If you don’t want to modify the fundamental look of Discord, this is the theme for you! It improves the overall appearance of the Discord without making any visible changes. With this theme, you can choose an accent colour. You may also control the degree of transparency of the theme. DevilBro deserves credit for creating this well-known theme.

Check the BasicBackground Theme here

2. The Frosted Glass Theme

Gibbu is the creator of the amazing Frosted Glass theme. The theme’s title is self explanatory; it appears like you are gazing at an image, of your choosing, beneath frosted glass. Unquestionably, such a viewpoint is tempting. However, in order to choose an image of your choosing, you must first alter the one that is now set as the default. You may do this by navigating to the CSS file and selecting an image of your choosing. You may also change the blur and intensity of the image you’ve chosen.

Check The Frosted Glass Theme Here

3. The ClearVision Theme

Untuned’s exclusive Clear Vision theme is a fully adjustable theme that allows you to configure the entire theme to your liking. You can alter the hue if you want to. If you want to change the blur and intensity of the theme, you may do so. There are no limits with this theme. You are free to make as many changes as you like. When the Clear Vision theme is adjusted to blue highlights, it has a really pleasing appearance.

However, it is worth noting that not everyone is enamoured with the theme’s overall appearance, which appears innovative. Regardless, numerous people adore and suggest this theme.

Check The ClearVision Theme Here

4. The Black Hole Theme

If you enjoy everything related to space, stars, and planets, the Black Hole theme on Better Discord will quickly become your favourite. The motif is captivating, with glittering stars on a black background.

MonsterDev is the creator of this fascinating theme. We think that the creator created this dark theme for those who love dark backgrounds since they calm the eyes when they are not in the mood to be exposed to the screen’s brightness. As per the Better Discord collection, this artistic theme has over 0.2 million installations, making it one of the most popular and well-liked pieces.

Check The Black Hole Theme Here

5. The Reborn Theme

MonsterDev’s introduction of the Reborn theme on Better Discord is yet another outstanding effort. We would compare this theme to the Clear Vision theme on Better Discord because the creator has placed a strong emphasis on customisation. You may customise the theme’s backgrounds, blur, colour, and brightness.

Because of the modification functionality, it is a very versatile theme for users. According to the Better Discord collection, this mediocre yet attractive theme has had over 0.1 million installations. If you like minimalism, we recommend trying both the Clear Vision and Reborn themes and deciding which one you prefer!

Check The Reborn Theme Here

6. The Great Mountain Site Theme

The Great Mountain Site is a gorgeous and attractive Better Discord theme developed by the ShadowDevilsAvenged creator. The name describes the magnificent view: massive, majestic, black mountains with a gorgeous full moon in front. If you enjoy picturesque vistas that melt your eyes for a while due to their mesmerising look, you should check this theme from the Better Discord collection. According to the Better Discord collection, the theme has had over 0.1 million installations.

Check The Great Mountain Site Theme here

7. The RadialStatus Theme

The RadialStatus Theme is among the simplest themes available on Better Discord. It should not, however, change the background pictures, brightness, or other theme characteristics. This theme’s main effect is to alter your ‘online’ status on Discord from text to colour. It includes a status indicator that indicates whether the person is offline or online.

Within the theme file, you can also modify the form of the status symbol.

Furthermore, the RadialStatus theme’s features do not appeal to everyone who uses Discord since they lack originality. Nonetheless, the Better Discord collection indicates that the theme has had over 0.1 million downloads.

Check The RadialStatus Theme here

8. The Nocturnal Theme

The Nocturnal theme on Better Discord was created by developer Spectra for those who enjoy dark displays. The theme’s darkness, without a doubt, has a calming impact on the users’ eyes. Eventually, when we discuss the characteristics of the Dark Discord theme, you will see that these 2 themes are quite similar, with a few differences. The Nocturnal theme does not convert the hue to matte black, but rather to a dark purple or plum.

Furthermore, the Nocturnal theme mentions making a few changes that significantly affect the overall theme. The theme has almost 0.1 million installations, as per the Better Discord Library.

Check The Nocturnal Theme here

9. The Green Forest Theme

If you enjoy nature and vegetation, this lovely and calming Green Forest theme is for you; we strongly recommend that you check it out. This theme was created by DevilsLynAvenged to provide a nice and soothing experience for the person’s eyes

The theme lacks any vivid colours or distinguishing characteristics, however many people appreciate the theme’s picturesque appeal. This lovely theme has received over 70 thousand installations, per the Better Discord collection.

Check The Green Forest Theme here

10. The Horizontal Server List theme

The Horizontal Server List theme on Better Discord is yet another simple yet well-liked theme. This theme was created by Gibbu, and it is a fantastic piece of art. The theme’s major function is to modify the order of the server list. Discord’s server list is often shown on the left side of the page. However, if you choose the Horizontal Server List theme, you may move the database server to the top of the screen for ease of use.

This theme has the added benefit of being able to be used with other themes. According to the Better Discord collection, the theme has had around 60 thousand installations.

Check The Horizontal Server List theme here

11. The Server Columns Theme

The Server Columns theme by DevilBro is yet another well enough and specialised theme that organises the server list on Discord in a matrix way for your comfort. The server list is normally shown on the left side of the page. You may, however, make changes by utilising various themes.

You may also change the number of columns by accessing the CSS file. It is critical to note that the Server Columns theme has no effect on the look. As a result, the server list is the theme’s major priority.

And although the theme’s download count is not large in comparison to other Better Discord themes, if you exercise pragmatism, you will realise how important the theme is.

Check The Server Columns Theme here

12. The CyberPunk Theme

On Better Discord, Elijah Pepe has recently introduced the exciting CyberPunk theme. Apparently, CyberPunk 2077 is a game that was released in 2020 and has amassed a huge following to date.

It would not be incorrect to claim that the major objective of the theme is to mirror the design of the video game and give the consumers a similar atmosphere.

The CyberPunk theme has a black backdrop with a few accents in bright cyan and velvet. According to the Better Discord collection, the theme has had over 60 thousand installations.

Check The CyberPunk Theme here

13. The Red n Black Theme

The Red n’ Black theme was released by the DarkKillerXL creator on Better Discord previously in 2020. The theme is largely concerned with the Discord’s colours. It is one of the extremely adjustable Better Discord themes, which has earned it a particular place in the hearts of its fans.

Because the theme seems gloomy, it is also one of those themes that relieve the customers’ eyes due to the usage of dark hues, such as red and black.

The Red n Black theme has almost 55 thousand installations, according to data from the Better Discord collection.

Check The Red n Black Theme here

14. The Comfy Theme

Nyria’s Comfy Better Discord theme is a basic, user-friendly, yet amazing theme. It is more concerned with producing a soothing experience for the user than with technological breakthroughs. It has been one of the most adjustable themes, allowing you to change any aspect, such as blur, brightness, colours, or anything else, to your liking. According to the Better Discord collection, the theme has had around 48 thousand installations.

Check The Comfy Theme here

15. The WildBerry Theme

This Daggy-created unicolor theme, which was released earlier in 2022, has far exceeded expectations. The theme alters the general appearance to purple, like natural blackberries.

The creator seems to be inspired by the Pop-Tart flavour while creating the Wild Berry design on Better Discord. The theme just alters the colours and does not include any additional features to increase the users’ enthusiasm. According to the Better Discord library, the theme has over 40 thousand installations.

16. The Slate Theme

Tropical’s Slate Better Discord theme is among the most configurable themes. The theme seems to be incredibly clean and well-organized, with a slew of valuable technical features thrown in for good measure.

When you download and configure this theme, the Inbox, Pin, and Help choices will appear on the left side of the page at the very top. Since its release, the Slate theme, which is based on GitHub, has not displeased users. Furthermore, the Slate theme on Better Discord allows you to view the main server and thread you are on. Ultimately, it’s a great theme that you should try.

Check The Slate Theme here

17. The Calm and Clean Streets Theme

The majority of Better Discord’s themes are great in design and self explainatory. When you read the name of a topic, an image of that subject will quickly come to mind. The same can be said about Better Discord’s Calm and Clean Streets design, which depicts lovely and calm roads that are extremely soothing.

ShadowDevilsAvenged, the creator of this peaceful theme, has certainly succeeded in producing a pleasant theme.

The template has had around 0.2 million downloads, indicating that it is well-liked by the audience.

Check The Calm and Clean Streets Theme here

18. The Neutron Theme

If you enjoy a sleek and clean interface more than anything else, you can give this theme an opportunity to win your love! This theme was created by Spectra with a blue backdrop to let the user’s eyes feel at ease. This theme is also very customisable, which is one of the reasons it has grown in popularity among users who have grown weary of other conventional Discord themes. The theme has almost 95,000 downloads.

Check The Neutron Theme here

19. The Spotify Discord Theme

The Cap’n Kitten developer created this one-of-a-kind theme by merging Discord and Spotify themes. If you enjoy Spotify, you will undoubtedly enjoy this theme owing to its Spotify interface.

As per the Better Discord collection, this theme has received rave reviews and almost 80 thousand installations.

Check The Spotify Discord Theme here

20. The Nox Theme

The Nox Better Discord Theme is a modular theme with a dark colour scheme. The theme has a calming impact on the user’s eyes. You might say it’s a wonderful theme for Discord members who spend a lot of time on their screens. The Nox theme has approximately 29 thousand installations according to Google Material Design standards.

Check The Nox Theme here


What are good discord themes?

If you are looking for the some good Discord themes, we suggest you to use The BasicBackground Theme, The Frosted Glass Theme, The ClearVision Theme, The Black Hole Theme or The Reborn Theme.

How do you get Discord Themes?

To get Discord themes, you need to install better discord and after installing you can simply visit their official website and from the theme library you can choose and download the themes on your device to customize the appearance of discord app.

How do you make discord pretty?

To make your Discord look pretty, you can download a bunch of themes and try them out one by one. You can check out our top 5 picks which are The BasicBackground Theme, The Frosted Glass Theme, The ClearVision Theme, The Black Hole Theme or The Reborn Theme.

How to change the Discord theme?

To change the theme of your Discord app, you must first instal the Better Discord app. Then you must connect to the BetterDiscord server. Navigate to the #theme-repo channel, select a theme, and download it. Now, launch Discord and navigate to Settings, then BetterDiscord, then Themes, then Open theme folder. Then, drag the.theme.css file you obtained into the newly created folder. You must now return to Discord and press CTRL + R to refresh it. Finally, return to Settings, then BetterDiscord, then Themes and activate the theme.

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