Tupperbox Discord Usage Guide And Commands List

Tupperbox bot Discord allows you to check in and out of several identities with various names and avatars without difficulty.

By configuration, the “accounts” established by the bot are referred to as “Tuppers,” and the process of delivering a message via a Tupper is referred to as “proxying.” With a Tupper, you can assign any suffix and prefix (together known as “brackets”) to a proxy.

Proxed messages are transmitted through webhooks and presented with the “Bot” moniker, which hides who sent the text in the first place, but Tupperbox has no anonymity by standard. Any user can instantly react to a received message by typing in to see who sent it.

Let’s take a deep dive into the guide which explain you all the commands and usage of Tupperbox.

How do you invite a tupperbox bot to the server?

To invite a Tupperbox bot to the server, firstly you have to visit the Discord  Bots website. Now you have to put in Tupperbox in the bot search bar. After you get the search results, click on Invite on any of the bots.

How Do You Use Tupperbox Discord?

Tupperbox is widely used in a variety of communities that benefit greatly from the usage of pseudo-accounts, including varied communities and roleplaying servers.

It works in these societies because they benefit greatly from delivering messages on the fly under different ‘identities,’ whether it’s to simulate another user chatting to an account or a subject’s line of speech in a roleplaying.

You can sign up as many Tuppers as you want, and organise them with teams, people tags and illustrations, and other fun details. It also comes with many user resources to stop harassing and an extensive support community on our assistance server; you can sign up as many Tuppers as you want, and arrange them with groups, person tags and illustrations, and other fun details.

Step by Step Usage Guide

So, you’d want to build your own TupperBox bot? That’s quite simple to accomplish! All you have to do now is make these rapid movements.

  • To make a bot, enter “tul!register name” but substitute “name” with the name of the character and change the brackets either to one letter or your brackets. When you press Enter, a notice will appear stating that Tupper has been formed or authorized.
  • To provide your bot with an avatar, use the following command: “tul!avatar “Name” (Your bot’s name can be changed with your bot’s name.) Alternatively, select the + tab. Please pick a photo and post it. Simply input now, and your avatar will appear.
  • You’re nearly finished. To see if the bot is working, put a message in the brackets you’ve assigned to it. When you hit enter, your name and identity will appear for a brief moment before being replaced by the bot’s name and avatar.

It demonstrates that the bot is operational. If the bot fails to load or simply displays your username and avatar with no changes, you may have made a mistake when building it.

You’ve just created a bot using the Discord Tupperbox bot. With a Tupperbox bot, you can communicate to people as a certain person or character, and you can even utilise it to play roles!

List Of Tupperbox Commands

Command DescriptionExample
tul!helpThe tul!help command generates a comprehensive list of all commands. When you type a command and hit enter without any parameters, the help for that command appears.Type tul!help “command” to get help regarding that command
tul!registerThis command is known as the register command. Tupperbox commands all begin with tul!# Create the Rambo Doe charactertul!register “Rambo Doe(LCDR-SEC)”[Rambo]text
# Create the Rose Doe charactertul!register “Rose Doe(CAPT-USS Annon)”[Rose]text
tul!avatarIf you want to change your avatar in Tupperbox, this is the command to use.tul!avatar “Rambo Doe(LCDR-SEC)” https://imgur.com/Pg0A1ci.png
tul!tagThis command is useful when you want to change your tag due to marriage, promotions or even just a nickname.# first, change the tag to represent the promotiontul!tag Alina 
“Alina (LT-Chef Mechanic)”
# second, Change your avatar to match your new outfit and rank
tul!avatar Alina https://i.imgur.com/ZN2R6Xp.png
tul!listThis command will help you return a list of all tuppers associated with the specified user account. If no user is specified, the present user’s tuppers will be shown.# get present user’s tupperstul!list
# get a different user’s tupperstul!list @someone

How to register names with tupperbox bot?

The registration of a tupper is the initial stage towards its development. The fundamental command syntax and examples are as follows:


tul!register “Tag Name”[shortcut]text

For example: 

# Create the Rambo Doe character

tul!register “Rambo Doe(LCDR-SEC)”[Rambo]text

# Create the Rose Doe character

tul!register “Rose Doe(CAPT-USS Annon)”[Rose]text

How to make tupperbox only for certain users?

You can easily manage the server specific configuration by using the syntax “tul!cfg”.

Now, you may utilise tuppers to instruct Tupperbox to prevent a certain role from proxying, for example, tul!cfg deny proxies @role

Tupperbox discord how to get avatar pictures?

To set a profile photo or an avatar in Tupperbox Discord, you can use the syntax “tul!avatar “Tag” <url>”. In this syntax, you will have to put the link of the image which you want to put as your photo in the place of url. To understand better, follow this example below:

tul!avatar “Rambo Doe(LCDR-SEC)” https://imgur.com/Pg0A1ci.png


How to use tupperbox commands discord bot?

To get access of all the Tupperbox commands, you can use the syntax “tul!help”

How to change a tupperbox name?

To change a Tupperbox name, you can simply use the “tul!register” syntax. Suppose you want to put your name as Avi Bot, you can simply type in tul!register “Avi Bot(LCDR-SEC)”[Avi]text.

How to delete a tupperbox?

If you want to delete a Tupperbox, you can use the syntax “tul!remove *”

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