Whatsapp Tips And Tricks You Should Know in 2020

In this world of technology thousands of new apps are released everyday and only some of them retain at top all the time.

One of these is whatsapp messenger and it surely is one of the most used apps of all time.

Whatsapp messenger is so popular because of its reliability and simplicity.

However you will be totally mistaken if you think that its simplicity represents a lack of features.whatsapp messenger is as feature packed as any messaging app out there.

What whatsapp messenger does is it hides most of the features so that it becomes easy to use and navigate for the new users without any difficulty and that’s what makes it stand alone on the stage of success.

So in this article we are going to discuss some of the whatsapp hidden features and tricks you may don’t know about

So here are top 10 whatsapp tips and tricks you should be using on your android phone

Save Photos Or Videos From Status:

With the new update , whatsapp comes with a new status bar like instagram stories.

Thus provided a feature to share photos or videos as statutes

With 6the new status option you can easily share photos and videos with your friends which automatically disappear after 24 hours.

But the problem with this new update is you can’t save the photos from the whatsapp status .but do you know you can easily save the photos from the status of our crush from the whatsapp status

You can save whatsapp status photos by two ways

  1. By downloading a third party apps
  2. from your file manager

To save the photo you have to go to file manager>>whatsapp>>media

Now tap on the 3 sorted icon showing on the right corner and tick on show hidden files and you will be seeing a folder .STATUES here you can find all photos of status.

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Send HD images without losing quality :

Whatsapps photo compression feature can be useful in most of the cases.

But it has its own disadvantages.as all of us know, that whenever we try to send HD high quality photos then whatsapp automatically reduce the size of the photo but this is irritating sometimes when you are trying to send the full Hd photos to your friends.

but with this new whatsapp trick you can send HD photos to your friends without losing quality .

method 1- Send original HD photos via whatsapp by renaming the photo


  1. First of all , download ES file explorer from here
  2. Now open the ES FILE EXPLORER
  3. Now rename the images to be sent from image.jpg (or .png or .jpeg) to image.pdf or image.doc.
  4. Now the image becomes a pdf/doc file
  5. Now send the pdf/doc file to yor friend
  6. And ask your friend to rename It again from .pdf/.doc to .jpg

Method 2: create a zip file of all photo

This method comes handy when you have more images to send . in this case the recipient does not have to rename every single image


  1. First of all, open ES FILE EXPLORER
  2. Now mark the photos you want to sent
  3. Now tap on the more option
  4. Now tap on the compress
  5.  And name this zip folder and save it
  6. . Now attach this ZIP as a document
  7. The recipient has to uncompress it at the other end.
  8. And thus Image size won’t be reduced

Trick #3 Hide whatsapp images from gallery

Step 1 : Download ES FILE EXPLORER . if you already have one then ignore this step and move ahead

Step 2: now open ES FILE EXPLORER App

Step 3: open your whatsapp folder and click on media(the whatsapp folder may present on your external or internal memory depending on your device)

Step 4: now go to whatsapp images and click on the new tap that appears at the bottom left corner.

Step 5: this will pop up as new box .select file as shown in the image

Step 6: next create a file named as .NOMEDIA and click ok.

Step 6 : now return to your gallery and you will see the whatsapp images folder disappeared from gallery

Trick #4 change the font styles in whatsapp conversation

Do you know with these simple whatsapp tricks you can easily customize your conversation in a better way by using different font styles in your conversations .

By using some signs before and after your words you can easily customize the look of the word.

To bold : All you have to do is add asterisks on either side of a word. for example, typing *bold* would give you bold

To italics : all you have to do is add underscores either side of a word for example typing _italic_ would give you italic.

To get the FixedSys font : All you have to do is add three ` characters to your conversation. For eg. you could say “`How are you ?“` – and your message would be converted into the new font.

Stop everyone from Knowing you read their message by default

Sometimes we all are busy at work when when in between work you don’t want to reply messages

Want to save Your Mobile Data Usage ? Stop Media Auto download

Is your whatsapp consuming more than the data that whatsapp should use?

Well this is because thousands of images and videos sent by friends or groups auto downloaded to your phone even without your wish.

But you can easily stop this by changing the whatsapp messenger settings here. After this you can only download the images of your choice or only the important ones.


  1. First of all,open your whatsapp messenger and go to settings
  2. Now in the settings tap on the DATA USAGES
  3. Now in the MEDIA AUTO DOWNLOAD section tap on when using mobile data
  4. Now uncheck images audio videos documents and now tap on ok
  5. That’s all now whatsapp will not auto download unnecessary files sent in the groups.

Backup Conversations to Email

Well you may don’t know about this feature but whatsapp provides an option to keep a copy or backup whatsapp conversations to your email.

To backup your conversations –

Open your whatsapp messenger

Now click on Options>>more>>email chat

Note- here you got two options save your conversation with media or without media and you can send 40,000 messages max

Tag People and Quote Messages

Like all the popular social media apps like facebook ,twitter, instagram tagging is also now possible in groups on whatsapp messenger.

All you need to do is put @ followed by the name according to what you saved the name in your contact list.

With this feature tagged person get the notification even if the person muted notifications for that group

And apart from tagging people you can quote messe]ages to show that you’re replying to that particular message.

For this- tap and hold a message in the group and click on the reply icon in the action bar and write your reply and send it to reply for that particular message.

Hide Chats from Conversation List

If you had a romantic conversation with your girlfriend or with your crush and you don’t want to delete the conversation but also don’t want anybody to read that conversation either . You can easily hide it with the archive option feature available in the whatsapp messenger.


  1. Tap and hold a particular chat in the conversation list
  2. Now click the archive button in the action bar to hide your chat from the conversation list
  3. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Well most of us have a personal and a professional life.and we all \have different phone numbers for our personal and professional uses and we all want to use two whatsapp accounts for different purposes.

Thankfully there exist different third party apps that allow you to have multiple whatsapp accounts on the same android phone.

To have multiple accounts-

Method #1 : Using third party apps

Third party apps give freedom to do whatever you want to do with your android phone .There are several different third party apps that are present in the android market by using these you can run different whatsapp accounts .

Method #2 multiple users on the android phone

With start from android lollipop allowing different users on the same mobile phone you can now operate multiple whatsapp accounts without using the third party apps.

To do this-

Step 1 – go to android settings>>users>>add users

Now after you have created a new user now login using a new account, install whatsapp in t5his account and use it with the second number.

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