If You Use Wi-Fi Keep These Tips Meditation

When using Wi-Fi connectivity for the Internet, there is a need to give more on security. If security is not taken care of, then no one can misuse it. If you use Wi-Fi internet in the home then keep in mind that the Wi-Fi signal can go far beyond your home and connect to your Wi-Fi network in this area through any computer/mobile You can get the damage. To avoid this, consider these things

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Password and Username

  • Definitely, change the default Administrator Password. The Wi-Fi internet basics have a Wi-Fi router, change its password and username.
  • Generally, all Wi-Fi router offers WPA / WEP encryption. It is not activated beforehand, definitely use it.

Use of filtering

  • SIDID is the name of your Wi-Fi network, it must change. Only by changing it you are not safe, but this is definitely the first step.
  • Using the MAC filtering, you can prevent unauthorized/unknown devices from connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Use of firewall

  • Use Static IP Address in the network.
  • Use a firewall on all computers and router in your home.
  • Place the Wi-Fi router in such a place that the probability of going out of the signal from your home is minimal.

Network encryption

  • Keep the Wi-Fi router closed when you are not using Wi-Fi internet.
  • When using any Wi-Fi network, please check that it is using network encryption.

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